Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Weekends.

My Friday Night....
My plans is to not go anywhere ( stay home as much as possible ) as Kayliss is soooo active!
I do not want her to be tied in the pram, and then I have to use the Ipad/iphone to have her settled down.
No No! I don't want that...
But then, I do not wanna cope myself at home!
So got ourselves ready and then got out of the house!

Since I do not want her to be the pram, 
I have to allow her to walk around freely, under my supervision of course.
Which means alot of chasing after her.
The things she did really made me LOL.
She behaves just like a mini Me, mini Shopaholic.

And I do not wanna shop as it is really a hassle.
Running after a active toddler and then, got to shop, to try on the clothes 
Blah Blah Blah...
I can just easily have her in the pram, with the videos playing on the gadget while I shop.
But I do not wanna take the easy way out.
Besides, I am trying to limit the time Kayliss spends on watching her fav cartoons.
SO yea.
But I have so time to kill.
So we just walked around while waiting.
Window shopping!!!

Kayliss is obviously enjoying herself 

Her wearing the adult size shades, while I am wearing the kids size shades

It's like I am working out just chasing after this cheeky active pie.

Oh ya, I haven't been working out ever since my helper left.
I just don't have the motivation.
It's like have to workout, then looking after my 3 kids...
Sounds so tiring already!!
& I have been eating wayyyyy too much as if I don't eat more, I feel like I've no energy.
AIYA, I just don't feel like working out!!!
I don't know if it's because I'm still breastfeeding, or is it because of my food intake...
I have really bad mood swings.
Where-as when I am full, I am more calm.
so yea,
still slowly working out my fitness schedule and diet.

Huge craving for XLB.
If you ask me where I'd like to dine.. pretty much the first place that comes to my mind will be this.

Love it when they have the kids utensils ready.
And Kayliss started to pour her cup of water into the bowl and plates after she's seated

 She looks like a mini version of me :)
When I was younger, I have faint eyebrows and monolids...
Now, I've the help of eyes make up and the wonders of double eyelids stickers.
Kayliss looks like the younger baby version of Kayson ( who looks like me too! ).. and now that he is older, he developed higher nose bridge and have double eyelids.


 Only these 2 .
I do not like to over order!
We used to always order too much and ended up not being able to finish them.
So wasteful!
So now, we make it a point to only order a dish and a sides... order more when we finished the food on our plate

Promised to buy Krsipy Kreme donuts for my 2 elder Kays but only 2 flavors are left at the counter.
One of it is the Red Velvet, asked for flavor by Kaylene.
So sad that there's no more original glazed as I feel that's the nicest!

Kayliss got one for herself too.
 And finally, it's time to go home!!!

Thank God for the invention of car seat.
If not, I will not be able to get out of the house and travel on the road alone with her.
 When we reached home,
Kayliss has already fell asleep.
All that walking must had tire her out.

I have people asking me why I am still rear facing her since it looks like there's not much leg room for her in the rear face position car seat.
Very important to have my kids safe when travelling on the road.
At least I tried.
Probably need to to change to a bigger car seat.
But all the investments are worth it.

Kayliss woke up after I tried to change her.
And after an hour in bed, she still doesn't wanna sleep.
So instead of getting angry, I got up and brought her out with me to the 24 hrs mart as I need to get diapers for her.
As I only realised she has 2 pieces of diapers left.
I don't know why I started to be so last minute. haha!

I never used to crave for chocolates with nuts.
Somehow, my taste changes after having kids.
Esp after having Kayliss.

And I had my supper after putting Kayliss to bed.
I know I shouldn't have..
But I was too hungry.
And that's the only available s at home.

Oh ya, bought this at H&M for my mum!
And bought it because it reminds me of my mum.
She loves ONG LAI...


Kaylene in her ballet class.

While she was in class, I got to rush to go get the Mr 's pants altered,
to pick Kayson up from his chinese class,
and then back to pick Kaylene from her ballet class....
It all worked out, just that it's quite rush.
Thankfully, the traffic wasn't that congested.

 Kids settling down in the car.
And Kayson, unhappy as usual.
He's at this age where he'll show attitude when things don't go his way.
Patience is what I need with him!

No matter how busy,
there'll be time for selfie!

In the midst of the busyness,
gotta get myself prepare as I've a wedding dinner to attend with the Mr. 

Finally able to try the Durian Rainbow Ice cream cake at GWP!

It is yummy!!!!!
 Abit siao to have it before the wedding dinner but, 
since we're already there,
just EAT!!!

ZARA heels.
 LOVE the design but it's a PAIN to walk in these!!
I used to always buy heels because they makes me feel and look taller, but I rarely wear them!
Most are just bought, and left in the house.
So impractical when I am around my kids almost all the time.
I don't even get the chance to touch them, unless I've a wedding dinner to attend.

While the guys are catching up.
Selfie time :)

And I love my dress!!
I bought this last year and I didn't get the chance to wear them.
it's difficult to find a inner wear for it.
Especially when I'm still breastfeeding.
But I managed to somehow.. haha!
 I also love my tattoo!!!
I finally got my previous one covered up and my tattoo artist, JUNE did a good job with it!!!
I hated my previous tattoo.
Had it when I was way too young and totally regret it.
I do not encourage people to do it as you never know when you'll look at your tattoo and then go
"I really don't like it that much anymore./I hate it! I regret having it."
It's your choice, your decision.
You can either bear with it, or change it.
I chose to beautify my previous tattoo by finding a good tattooist. And so far, I am loving it.
I intend to add more but for now, I will just leave it as it is :)

Had a good time at the dinner, and the food served are so good!
I finished every servings served.
And I got to take photo of this pretty and yummy ice cream cake before devouring it.
And it's good to be back home to have my 2 elder Kays already in bed,
and baby Kay waiting for me to latch so she can go to bed.
My fulfilling and great Sat!


I find that because I am soooo busy.
Time passes by so quickly!!
Now that my helper isn't around with us, I got to do everything on my own.
My life is even busier.
But I am enjoying every moment of it.
I also got down to organizing Kayliss's diaper bag.
Necessities when bringing a baby/toddler.

Changing mat!!
I cannot imagine sharing the changing area with many other children.
 And it's a must for me to clean up the changing area after changing my baby as it's like...
basic courtesy.
Using a baby wipe to clean up the area wouldn't cause you more than a few seconds.
You wouldn't want to be using the dirty changing area used by the previous person, right?
But anyway, I will place the changing mat on the changing area to change Kayliss.
Just more hygienic.

Diaper bag all full and packed.

Apples for my Kayliss.

And her waterbottle.

I like bags with long handles.
Makes it soo much easier for me to carry around and easier to get the things I need from the bag!

Having some Yami Yogurt before going to pick the kids up!

Dinner time at Tung Lok Turf City!


Kayliss fell asleep and I was able to enjoy my dinner :)
( but that also means she'll go to bed later than her usual bed time.) 
But it's ok.. At least I get to eat in peace.

And she woke up after we're done with dinner.
Yea :)

The trolley cart at GIANT is so huge!!
Able to accommodate both my girls! & surprisingly, it isn't that difficult to manipulate around.

I have auntie coming up to us and said
"cute BOY."

My kids are enjoying groceries shopping....

The only time I can get my baby boss to behave is with the iPod.
Got to use it as the last resort.

And thank you Kayson,
for helping with the shopping bags.
Mr was paying and he went to get all the bags that are paid and put them in the trolley cart
He's really a big boy now.

Love them 3 sooooo much!!!

this Kayson ah, always so dramatic.

Even though many times, this boy of mine makes my blood boilllll!!
I got to say at least he has a kind heart....
He will help me with his sisters, especially Kayliss.
Which is what I am thankful for.
I hope he continues to be kind, and love his sisters :)

A week down.
2 more weeks to go..... to welcoming my helper's return.

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  1. Kayliss really know how to make herself comfortable outside e.g. lying in the trolley and basket!😃 Despite your busy schedule, you still make time to draft out a blogpost. Kudos to you