Thursday, 9 July 2015

Solo with 3 Kids for 3 weeks.

Helper is back to Indo for 3 weeks to spend Hari Raya with her family.
Her 2 years contract ended on the last day of May and she asked if she can defer going back to Indo as July is Hari Raya month and she'd like to spend time with her family members. and for a good 3 weeks.
I actually am a bit concern about handling 3 kids ( not to mention my youngest is super hyper! ) without her but compared to her not being able to physically see her family members for the past 2 years ( and also coming 2 years ),
3 weeks is seriously not a big deal!
Anyway, way before her contract ends (in dec), I have asked her if she wanna continue working for me as if she doesn't want to, I need to find a new helper and train her.
She confirmed with me in Feb/March...
I don't know what the market rate is for the fees for Indo helpers.
But we increased her pay by quite abit and she's happy with the finalized pay :)
So yea!

The night before she left,
we treated her to have Japanese food...
Even Kayson who always stayed home, came along too.
I don't know if she really likes it. haha!
But I hope she does :)

This duo always have something to quarrel and fight about!
This time, it's about the seating.
But after awhile, Kayson gave in and guide Kaylene along with the ordering of the food :)
( No matter what, I taught Kayson to give in to Kaylene as
1) He's her older brother.
2) He's a boy and a man in future. He must love the ladies around him and take good care of them. )
Even though at times, he can be quite petty and have a strong mind of his own,
but I can see he really can take care of her 2 younger sisters.
And I also make sure that Kaylene apologize when she's the one at fault.
Even though Kayson gives in to her, doesn't mean she is right.
So yea..
Parenting is tough!

Sis came along for dinner too :)
I love it when she is around.... My BFFFFFFF! haha
Singapore, Raffles Blvd, 9 Millenia Walk
S 039596

I love the food served here.
Sushi is fresh and the ramen is yummy!!!
I have tried their bento and it's equally good.
Highly recommend this Jap restaurant.

This.. my son. haha!!!

This is Kayson's fav!

We had a great and fulfilling dinner!!!

And I asked my helper what other cravings she had, and she said
So there we went >
Blk 211 Lor 8 Toa Payoh #01-21
S 311211

 $50 for both!
One is MAO SAN WANG, not sure about the other.
The stall worker is also very friendly and humorous..  Not to mention that the durians tasted really good!!
I recommend this place for Durians

My happy helper :)

The day itself

Doing what a breastfeeding mum gotta do.
Latching before alighting!

Happy Wati :)

I really love the outfit Kayliss is wearing.
Bought it for only $15 at AMK hub

latching my fussy Kayliss!

I don't know what it is, but Kayliss was extremely unhappy and fussy the whole early afternoon!
Maybe she can sense that Wati is going back to Indo?
Just like for the past 1 week when Wati is not around her, she didn't wanna eat solids and was extremely quiet......
paid for SGD$45 for that 15 kg of luggage.
If not, Wati will have to open her luggage and re-packed them with another/a few plastic bags..
Aiya, it'll be so much more convenient for her to just have one luggage to lug around so I just paid it for her.

Lunch after checking in.
Laksa and it's pretty good!

Soon Kuah!!

Wati is looking so sad..... and she didn't talk much throughout the time we're at the airport.

Photos first :)

this Kayliss is so cheeky!



My sis wanna send Wati off too, so I went to pick her and went straight to the airport....

Lots of hugging and kissing before Wati head into the Departure Hall.

So sad to see her in tears, even my sis.
We see her as not a helper, but as our family!!!
I really think when it comes to choosing a helper,
a good one...
 it all boil down to
Part of Luck, and lots of Fate.
She also proved to us she deserved our trust,
taking good care of my 3 kids, taking good care of me, loves my kids,very initiative and helpful, and very keen to learn.
I can recommend you a very reliable maid agency, and also choose a helper just by looking through the portfolio,
you might think you're getting a good helper.
But from my experience, I can tell you,
a good helper is by the character of the helper herself, and not by the agency you go to, and the portfolio you looked through.
She can be experienced, but when she's here and not able to fulfill her duty as you expected, you'll be disappointed.
 (My previous helper was as bad as hell, and I can't describe to you all the nasty things she did. Way hell disappointed!!! I got the maid agent to take her back after one month! I can't even go and deliver Kayliss in peace as I don't know what she might do to my 2 elder Kays.  )
I always tell my helper what she is expected to do and thankfully, she didn't disappoint me.
During the initial stage, it's learning how to get along and letting her adapt to the life here.
And then guide her along with what she is supposed to do.
I initially objected to helper having mobile phones with data, and off days.
But she has also proven to me that even with mobile phones and off days, she behaves well.
I also told her the consequences she has to bear if she doesn't stick by the rules.
And thankfully, she didn't do wrong.
Of course, you got to treat your helper nicely.
Treat her as a family member, if she appreciates you, she'll be nicer.
If she doesn't,  you probably have to talk to her and continue to monitor her.
I hope for the coming 2 years she will be here, she will continue to help me with my kids and do as good as she does now

Can see Kayliss misses her already.....

This is what happened when there is only a mummy, and a toddler in the car.
Went back to my mum's place to get Kayliss's stroller as I left it at her place the previous night, clearing out my car boot to help drive some of my sis's things to her new place!
And my daddy gave me 2 boxes of popcorn... which Kayliss insisted to have!
In order to have a peaceful drive, I gave it to her.
Knowing that somehow, it'll spill.
But whatever.. I can always clean it up!
As long as I can drive to the destination in peace.....

Decided to let Kayliss use up her energy as I intended to put her to bed early!!
Her bed time is always past 12mm no matter how hard I tried to put her to bed.
She knows she always have Wati to go to if mummy doesn't want her in the room.....

She loves the playground!

And it's so cute to see her making new friends
I am sure she has no prob adapting to school next year!

After a good 20 mins,
I need to have my food!!

Kayliss had some too.
And she decided she needed to rest... LOL
You see the blue blacks on her legs, She has many of them.
Because she is very daring and adventurous that she will run fast and then fall...
And then do it over again.
Only in her pram for less than 5 mins, and she is up running about.
My gosh, my back is aching so badly running after her, and carrying her up and down

And just like mummy.......

Even with a pram. I got to bring along the baby sling because I can't run after her, and pushing a pram....
Really not easy!!
I wonder how I used to do it when I took care of Kayson and Kaylene all by myself.
Somemore with no pram and no baby sling!!
Maybe because I old already la, and maybe because Kayliss is so much more active than both of them, combined.
I don't know why Kayliss looked so grumpy.

*** oh ya
I really appreciate car parks with family parking lots.
But sadly, most are being abused la!
I don't have to worry about opening my car door wide, putting the car pram just by my door while I carry Kayliss out of the car seat and into the pram ( vice - versa ), without worrying about hitting on to the car parking just beside mine as there is so much more space compared to the regular parking lots.

Had a really tiring day before going hm!!

A note written by Kaylene to me before she went to bed.
Disciplined and she hates to be late!
She always wanna be early, and sometimes way too early la!

And by lastest 11pm,
all 3 Kays are in bed.
Not surprising for the 2 elder ones as they have a schedule which they stick to,
but it is for Kayliss.
She did wanna get out of the bed after latching by pulling my thumb but I told her that I am tired and we all need to go to bed.
And in less than 10 mins, she fell asleep too.
Maybe she knows that Wati is not here to rescue her. haha!
Anyway it is great that she sleeps early la.
If not I really have no time to get my things done and have my much needed sleep.

And hoping for the coming 3 weeks,
Kayliss will give me a good time

Ending the post with a few more photos!


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