Friday, 10 July 2015

Eyelash Extension at Private Room Sg

My last visit to Private Room Sg was months months back!!!
They are my current sponsor for my brows ( have yet to blog about them ) and my eyelash extension.
But I haven't really find the time to go back for the services.
I recently got my eyelash extensions done at FEP as I was alone without my kids, and it just suddenly came to my mind that I wanna get my lashes done.
Random just like that.
I like the eyelashes looked...
As it has been sooooo long since I last had eyelash extensions. haha.
But then I came across Yan Kay Kay's instagram, and saw how much more natural her eyelash extensions are done at Private Room Sg compared to mine!
I know I have to go back and try it!

So yea....

Private Room Sg
10 Anson Road, 
#03-14 International Plaza, S(079903)

Always feel so welcome there.
I like how clean and bright the place is :)
Didn't take any photos while removing my previous lash set and the procedure for the current set,
because I was busy catching up with Kate!!
I love her!!
Very professional and she always do a great job when it comes to my lashes.

Anyway the removal of my previous lashes done was freaking painful.
I got to say because the glue used at the previous shop I went to is really strong. 
That's why it took Kate quite a while to get the lashes removed.
But Kate is really gentle & she made the removal process much more comfortable

I also got to mention.
Private Room Sg uses eye gel patches on the under-eyes area instead of scotch-tape.
Which is thumbs up!!!!
So comfy on the eyes area :)

Here are photos of me after getting the eyelash extensions done.

Kate did the 6D lashes, 12mm on my barely there lashes.
I let Kate decide on the length and thickness fo rme as I trust her professionalism.
I am super impressed after I see the lashes.

It looks really natural on my eyes!
So light weight that I don't feel like there's anything on my eyelashes.....
I never thought I will be able to get this type of natural eyelash extensions as I have emphasized
 many times that I have sparse, barely-there lashes.

It also compliments my eyes shape :)

I really really love it!!!

Private Room Sg is having a promotion for their 1st Birthday!!!
1 for 1 for their Eyelash Extension and Waxing services.
So bring your mum, ur sis, ur bffffff and go enjoy this promotion~
Don't say I never share :)

Thank you Private Room Sg for making a busy mum like me, like I'm ready to be out of the house at any moment !


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