Monday, 20 July 2015

2nd week of July.

Can't believe one week pass by so quickly, again!!!
I think partly is because I've been extremely busy with my 3 kids, especially Kayliss!!
I can't tell you how ACTIVE she is.
Yes, it's normal for kids to be active.
But she is EXTREMELY active,
that by the end of the night after taking care of her, all I wanna do is to rest on my bed and do nothing.
I literally can feel my bones cracking.. haha!!

Finally got down to getting the car seat cleaned.

The other day, I don't know who left a piece of candy in Kayliss's car seat and it stick onto her shorts.
 Can't remove the candy from the car seat by just wiping so got to slot the straps out to wash the cushions.
Hate having to do all that but feels good to see the car seat all clean!

Kayliss's new fav. hobby these days!
Climbing the window grills...

And giving me this look when I said NO.

Playing with her Jiejie :)

 Most of the time, Kaylene will be doing her own things and doesn't like to be disturbed.
So when she wanna play with Kayliss, she is very happy!!

Red Velvet donut for my dearest son!

The last day of Rear facing Kayliss.
( will go into details.... )

One of my greatest fear of driving without anyone else in the car is that Kayliss will start crying during the car ride.
There was once,
which is this night, she actually cried all the way from Suntec til we reached home!
 I tried to pacify her first, then to ignoring her, then to winding down my window, all the way home.
The minute I carried her out of the car seat, she stopped crying and went straight to the house and was alright again.

Window shopping again!

haha... I love the food there!
Chinese food are my fav!

Sometimes I really don't know how to be angry with this cheeky pie!

 It was quite a horrible dining experience that night.
Kayliss was all good until, she suddenly decided not to be confined in her seating area, wanting to walk around and walk OUT of DTF.
I tried to stop her and the way of her expressing how upset she was, was to SCREAM AND CRY!!
And she didn't allow me to carry her..
Thank god Mr. came and I can just drag (LOL) her out. 
If not, I don't know how I can pacify her, finish up my meal, and then pay for it.
I didn't managed to finish my meal of course ( no more mood for it liao la ), managed to pacify her by letting her walk around, and then Mr. went to pay for the meal.

Promised to get my 2 elder Kays donuts.. so Kayliss and I scrolled to get them before going back home. 

Very tiring night.

On Tues,
I celebrated my birthday :)

& my 1st meal ( supper ) on my birthday!

my 3 babies already in bed.
( but Kayliss woke up shortly after. )

My gifts from my 2 elder babies :)

This Kayson ah, No heart one.,
Only a handwritten card.
No wonder my mummy always tell me no need to be too happy when my son is soooo close to me when he is younger.
As when he is older, he won't love me that much liao.
So true lor.....
But still, thankful that at least he wrote me a card (or paper)

My lunch! 

 Not eating healthy AT ALL for this week.

My Birthday...
but still doing what I should and must do.
Out we go for kids' piano lesson.
 Kayliss was crying badly and didn't wanna be seated in her car seat.
I nearly went crazy!
Kayson bribed her with a lollipop and she finally wanna be seated in her baby car seat.

45 mins of waiting.

Many times, I am debating over letting Kayliss just walk on her own, or putting her in the pram.
I got to be very careful when she wanna walk on her own,
but it's much safer to have her in the pram, which she will not sit for more than awhile UNLESS she has the ipad.
And she might wanna get out of the pram,
which I will have to run after and push the pram too
Aiya, headache la!

Kaylene and her new toy..

Kayliss wants milk, so just waiting for her to be done.

& home we went...
To food waiting for us!!!!

My birthday dinner at home!!!
My fav crabs from MELBEN

It was good!!
And so much better to eat at home when you have kids!!
I enjoyed myself very much as my kids can do their own thing at home, while I eat.

My yummy birthday cake!!

Thankful and very blessed for all that I've been blessed with 

Nothing I want more than health and happiness!

Next Day.
dinner with my parents!

I think Kayliss is very bored at home, especially when her Kor kor and Jie jie are in school.....

After settling down the kids.
supervising them with their work and piano playing,
they wanna stay at home to rest,
so I went out to meet my parents for dinner :)

Having her short nap in the car!

City plaza for MEE HOON KUAY!!!

The really good CHILLI SAUCE!!!

Exploring around the mall.

She was like playing hide and seek with me......

Love spending time with my parents, 
even though my daddy is very naggy and my mummy is very bo chap.

The little active snake!

By the end of the night, I was just too tired... 
After bathing her, I used my EYE POWER and let her do what she wanna do, until I really need to go to bed....


Kaylene was home from school
( I still drive my kids to school every morning at 630am. )
and came to me with this

Out to meet my sis for dinner.
Car seat and Ipad... her best friend in the car.

Just realized how bare my nails are.
I am so used to having my nails nicely done and it feels weird seeing them sooo Naked....
Really no time to get my nails done lor
( and my really dry hands, lots of washing to do ma!)

Kayliss always get so excited when she sees the playground!

Dinner with my sis,
and she asked me what I wanna eat for my birthday dinner.
Her treat 
Told her thai food and she brought me here.
(I drove la! haha )

151 Bishan Street 11, Block 151, 

Seated outside as that it was full for the a/c area...

Food is okok only.
Pineapple fried rice is not nice at all!
But the honey chicken is really good! I think that's the only dish that's nice...
I don't think it's worth to travel all the way down if you are staying far.

I would greatly appreciate if you nice peeps can recommend me nice Thai food places :)


OMG this Kayliss ah, just didn't wanna sit in the high chair.
I just couldn't enjoy myself but I didn't wanna have her with my MIL's helpers.
Thank god I have my sis's help.
I had a great time hanging out with my sis and thanks so much for the birthday dinner treat 

& this naughty girl,
fell asleep on the way home!

She woke up right after we got home and we brought all 3 kids out to celebrate's one of Mr's friend's gf's birthday.

Back home and I am super hungry!!!

 This is so good
But so sinful to eat soooo late at night!!

Woke up to my cutie pie!
She made herself an eye mask.

And revising her chinese spelling!

All ready and prepared in the early noon as I promised to bring Kayson to Thomson plaza...

my 3 happy kids

Photo first!

Since Mr is away,
it's Kayson's duty as the man in the house to take care of his granny!

Our lunch,
healthy Japanese food.

Kayliss's cute little finger.

With my dearest Kaylene :)

A mini Me

Groceries shopping!
See what I mean by putting her in the pram/trolley,
ipad will be needed in order to make her sit quietly in it.

After sending the kids and their grandma home,
went out to meet my sis as I need to try the bridesmaid's dress...
No choice but have to bring this tired pie along.

Was sooo tired that we da bao food back to my mum's place to eat.
Once seated on the sofa, I don't feel like moving already!

I haven't have the energy to work out at all.
Looking after her alone exhaust the crap out of me!!!
& of course she got to wake up after we're home!

Letting her max out her energy before we go to bed!

Kayson for chinese class,
and Kaylene for ballet class.

In between ,
I got to go pick Kayson and then back to pick Kaylene.

Can't believe my baby Kaylene is not that baby anymore.
turning 8 this year.
sob sob!

I love this from OCK!

Arranged to meet my dearest friend for dinner.
And let the kids play at the playground for just awhile while waiting.....

And off we went to East Coast Village Food Centre.
Parking was horrible there and I waited for a good almost 40 mins just for the parking lot.
I do not see the need to fight with people over parking lots, even when it's me who came first.
We got the space eventually,
but it's another round of waiting for table and food.
Nearly faint.
Especially when Kayliss just didn't want to be confine on the chair.
Thank God Kaylene helped me with Kayliss.
I don't know how I managed to laugh thinking about it, because I really nearly went crazy there..

Yummy food!!

 Everything was good, 
but this is bad....

Kayliss enjoying herself!!!

Before I went crazy.

With my childhood friend :)

Kids enjoying themselves :)

Just for that little while....

Kayliss woke up and didn't wanna be placed in her car seat,
so I got to spend some time pacifying her.
Sent MX home and then managed to drive home,
despite getting lost and got to detour for another 20mins
It was hell....
but I made it home safely.

As for my Sunday!!!
Kids went for their swimming class...

And me really grumpy because the weather is very hot, and I've so many things to do...

Kayliss helping me with the paying...

Having the healthy yogurt :)

And I managed to get this at the korean mart.
only bought one pac to try first,

& I love this!!!
I don't really like to take sweet treats, but this is good!!

Also managed to find these 2 E L F products which I've been looking for!

Can't wait to try them out

Dinner with the kids and their grandma at Orchid Country Club.
I don't know what I was thinking to agree to Kayson going all the way to Yishun to have dinner,
when I'm really really tired,
and all I wanna do is Chill At home, letting Kayliss run about the house so I don't have to worry about her fussing and then falling etc...
But I pushed myself out of the house.
Glad I did :)

I was standing behind the flowers.

Kaylene: wah mummy, the flowers are so nice. I wanna take photos and send it to my friends.
Hmm, can you move away please?

Me: oh.... ok........

Hurt my feelings lor..

Kayson made the orders :)



Food is yummy!!!!
Didn't over order and we finished all that we've ordered :)

And we head over to NTUC to do some groceries shopping....

No more photos as Kayliss was holding on to my phone..
I had a really great evening out with my kids and seeing them happy, is one of the most important thing in my life.
Even though I am super exhausted,,,
"Thank you mummy!", by Kayson,
made me instantly feel much better :)
Finally put Kayliss to bed at 2am....
Here I am, ending off this post, and off to have my supper......
before having to wake up at 6am to prepare my 2 elder Kays for school.

So tired,
But I am enjoying every moment of Motherhood :)

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    i have yet to try this but i heard good reviews!
    i personally like aloy thai at shaw towers.
    bencoolen has quite a few places as well, not too bad. (: