Thursday, 4 June 2015

Updates :)

My bad,
Have been neglecting this blogging space..
I know I've said it many times, but I really am very busy!
Sis has been pestering me to update my blog as she doesn't see my kids often because of her flying schedule.. 
And I should be updating my blog, not for anyone, but for myself :)
I can look back at my blog posts and photos when I feel like it. 
So tada....
I am back!!

Update about my kids first.
Kayson is currently in Pri-6, having his 1st major examination in another few months time.
Hubby and I have also made a big decision, to stop his tuition as we realised he's not happy ever since he fractured both his arms in January, just 2 days after school started.
He missed school for about 2 weeks and I think he has quite a hard time catching up, plus he isn't close to his peers in school, which has been the case since he's in Pri-1.
He just prefers to be on his own then mingle around, and I don't feel the need to FORCE him to...
I have always told him that it's ok to not have friends.
It's better to have a few REAL FRIENDS than having those friends who are of no good to him.
etc: bullying, teaching him the bad stuffs and so on...
And even if he doesn't have friends, he has ME. 
He has us ( the family ).
Back to the point, he didn't seem like himself after he went back to school after the 2 weeks rest.
He isn't motivated at all. 
And all I can do is remind him to revise his work as there's nothing much we can do since he can't write.
I also received a few complaints from his teachers few weeks later that he isn't paying attention in class after the 2 weeks break, and either late in handing in his homework, or not handing them in at all.
Which is what I have never got from his teachers throughout his 5 years in school.
And since he's taking PSLE in just another few months, I am also very anxious, fearing he might not be able to do well for the PSLE.
I myself ended up being really stress and pressurized because I not only have to answer to myself when it comes to my kids, 
I have 2 other kids to attend to, even with my helper.
I still have to teach and revise Kaylene's work with her, and still breastfeeding Kayliss...
I just feel the responsibility is very heavy on me!
And I have to admit, I have a really bad temper and I do not have much patience with Kayson since I feel that he is already coming 12, 
and old enough to listen be able to obey to my instructions.
And when he doesn't, I flare up!
I am very harsh with my words and I always unintentionally hurt him.... I really don't mean to.
So with no one to turn to in school, not willing to confide in me, he just wanna be alone and do his own things.
Or be with his grandma ( MIL )...
We finally talked things out and he told us that he is tired from attending school, and then compulsory supplementary classes after school, and then still having to go for tuition,
just tire him out!!!!

Now, as parents,
what is the most important thing we want for our kids.
Is for them to be happy, and healthy, isn't it??
So since we can't change the fact he has to go to school and the compulsory classes, we decided to stop him from tuition.
To us, it's never the money.
We are paying huge sums for his tuition because we want him to not excel, but to be able to do well in school, and catch up with the standard.
For him, I changed my mentality, I changed my attitude....
I listened to him and let him do and learn according to his pace.
So what if he can't catch up in class? So what if he doesn't score well? Does it makes him a bad person?
Of course as a mom, I want him to be able to do well in life... 
I try to give him to best, and stretch him to the best he can.
I want him to score well so he can get into a good school, and hopefully have a better life than he has now.
But even if he doesn't, I will still be guiding him in his life, and still love him for who he is, 
as my son.
I can see he's happier now,
As he has more time to do his own things, like read magazines, draw, cycle, skate scoot, play the paino and etc.. and then more willing to do his school work and work he's supposed to do....
There is always a time to study, and a time to play.
We just got to find the balance.

Also, he asked if he can stop playing the piano.
As much as I want him to continue, I don't wanna force him.
Since he has deferred to Sept'15 to his Grade 3 examination  ( supposed to be in March but because of injuries, we have to defer. ), 
I told him to go ahead with the Grade 3 examination first, and if by then he still don't think he wanna continue,
I'll let him stop,
For now, he has been disciplined and practices on the piano daily... 
Hope he'll persevere and continue with it.

He loves swimming!!
Always enjoys it, and enjoys disturbing his sister.


He also is very into Baking these days.

Always a MESS....haha

Very proud of his piece of work

Also, their daddy bought them new skate scooters recently.
So it's their current fav. activity.

We go out to skate scoot whenever we have the time and they are so happy :)

Anyway, I didn't know that there's now this DSA thing.
Direct school administration.
Kayson has to apply for the school he intends to go to for sec school and yada yada.
Kayson didn't score very well for mid year and he only has one CCA. 
Don't think the portfolio is good enough to be accepted.
But whatever.
Don't wanna stress so much now.
Just go along the flow.

As for Kaylene.
I don't think I have much to update about her.
Everything is good, she is good
Disciplined and motivated..
Always trying her best when it comes to her studies and whatever she's doing..
She has also joined a new ballet school in May.

Got her to have the trial class first before enrolling her, and she loves it!

Here's a cheeky her.. haha!

And she's just as sweet as her korkor,
probably learnt that from him.
Always writing sweet notes and cards for me :)

Appreciate every single piece she did :)

And she is growing so fast.
Can't believe she's in Pri 2 already. 

Hope she'll continue to be this motivated and disciplined for everything she does in life.

As for Kayliss, 
Her hair is finally growing!!!
Though not as fast as I anticipated, but at least there's progress...
She is now super curious about her surroundings, always wanting to touch the things around her.
She is also very active, always moving around.
I recently got her to play at the water play.
And she LOVES it.
She is so happy, running about, splashing the water.
She didn't even care, fuss and cry when she fell. 

And I can't believe that she'll be attending a Pre-school next year!!!
I have so much emotions running through my head now...
Can't believe my baby is not really that baby anymore.
Like she's going to school so so soon...

Anyway, happy with her progress so fast.
25 months old now. 
Active, happy and healthy :)


As for me.....
I'm still Breastfeeding.
Yes, I still am. and very proud of it.
Because I never thought I will be able to come this far!
Having 2 failed breastfeeding journey, I thought I may not be able to cross that one month border too.
But thankfully, I have such huge support from some breastfeeding mummies, a breastfeeding FB page, and a very determined mindset to breastfeed my baby girl.
And I managed to do it....
From the one month time, to one year, to two years, and still on-going... 

This is why almost all my tees go Out of shape.

And how can you expect an active toddler to behave when breastfeeding?

I can't tell you the many times I told myself I should stop breastfeeding because even til now,
Kayliss still wakes up in the middle of the night to latch.
Even though she did slept through the night for about 3 weeks?
She is back waking up at night to latch.
That doesn't help when I have to wake up at 6 am daily to send my kids to school. 
Just exhaust the hell out of me!!
But I don't know why... I just don't bear to wean her off.
Because she's not ready, I do not want to force her to either.
So yea....
I'm not complaining ok? 
Just need to let it out that breastfeeding is not easy,
but at least I don't have to worry about washing the bottles, bringing extra milk powder and bottles when out, forgetting about them and etc.
And the comfort I can give to Kayliss when she needed it....
Just keeps me going!

I have also set my mind to taking better care of my body.
Not just to look good, but to feel better too.

It has been 6 weeks into my exercise routine, and I have been sticking to working out every day...
So proud of myself for not slacking!
As I could have tell myself
"So tired." and sleep it off.
But no, since I have set my mind to it, I do it!!
No matter how tired I am, I set out time to exercise.
So far so good...
I still got alot of areas to work, especially my stomach area. 
I am a uk 8-10, with a pear shaped body..
I have scars and stretchmarks on my body, and a naval piercing which I couldn't be bothered.
I am proud of my body for going through 3 pregnancies, carrying each of my 3 babies up to 40 week of pregnancy, 
each weighing 3.4kg. 
 for going through the excruciating pain during labor without any form of pain relief...
And now, still breastfeeding.
So I am not going to push my body too hard.
Progress is slow, but I am listening to my body.


I am super thankful...
For everything I've been blessed with in life.
Especially with these 3 cheeky rascals....
No matter how tough things get, I know I have them 3 in my life and they are the motivation to me to be better in every aspect in life.
I am not perfect, and that is not an excuse.
All I want to do is to a better person of myself, and for them to look up to.

Good night ^^

*** anyway, most of the photos are extracted from my instagram :)

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