Monday, 22 June 2015

Too Faced Melted Longwear Lipstick.

Too Faced Melted Long-wear Lipstick.
More about this product:
- Provides high-impact, super rich, saturated pigment in a long-wear formula.
- Precision tip applicator to allow for a clean, effortless application each time (no liner needed!).

I want it badly after watching the Youtube videos of quite many Youtuber raving about this lipstick.
Youtube is so evil !!!
Always tempting me to get new make up products after watching the videos.

I received this color in a Christmas set ( I think ) at Sephora sometime back.
Thus this tube is smaller compared to the regular Melted Lipstick.
Melted Fushia

On my hand, with just one swatch.
Super impressed by the pigmentation.

I really like the applicator.
The cushion applicator feels really smooth when applying on my lips.
And the shape of it, makes it less prone to making mistakes!
Especially when I don't like to apply lip-liner prior to putting on lipsticks.
And darker colors will make the mistakes more obvious.

On my lips.
Only one application.
With no lipbalm, no lipliner, and just the lipstick itself.
Application is very smooth.
Color is very pigmented and it glided on smoothly on my lips.
I have dry lips and this doesn't emphasis the dry lines on my lips.
Instead, it makes my lips look good..
Like smooth, and moisturized,
THUMBS UP for that!

I am very excited when I got this shade.
 after I applied on my lips, I realized it doesn't compliment my yellowish skin tone.
It also makes my teeth look more yellow....
I have only used it twice, and I really don't like this lip color.
So sad.
I feel it will be more suitable for people who has fair skin tone.

Another shade which I got.
Melted Nude

I have to get my sister to get me this shade when she's overseas as it was OOS when I wanted to get it at the local Sephora!

The perfect amount of lipstick ( formula is more like lipblam + lipstick ) is dispensed each time I open the cap.

On my hand with just one swatch.
I got a shock when I swatch it on my hand.
As it appeared really brown, which I expected it to be more peachy?
I didn't get to test the shade at Sephora as there's not even a tester there for me to try.
So I just tried my luck to get it and hope *fingers cross* it'll suit me.

when applied on my lips.
it appeared much lighter, but not too light that it doesn't applied nicely.
And the shade is perfect.
The exact shade which I like!!!
My lips are quite pigmented thus not all lipsticks can be applied nicely with just one applicator.)

And the nude doesn't make me look like I'm sick, or look dead.

I have been searching for the perfect NUDE lip color!
And the search haven't been easy. 
I can say I waste quite an amount and yet, none is up to my standard.
I need one which is not too NUDE where I look like I'm sick,
 which I can wear with really light make up, also with heavy make up, one which is not drying, 
and at the same time being able to compliment my skin tone...
and I think this is the perfect nude lip color for me!!!

I have worn this lip color many times.
I don't find it long lasting on me as I am someone who clean my lips each time I eat, like after every spoon, I will clean my mouth.
And I drink lots of water ( breastfeeding makes me thirsty almost all the time!), 
Thus, messing up my lipstick is very easy la.
One thing I don't like about this Melted Lipstick is, 
because it's in a tube form,every time I placed it in my bag
( I bring alot of barang barang in my bag, and my huge water bottle!)
I fear that my things will pressed on it and it might burst or something,
or dispense too much of the lip product when I need to use it.
So now, I don't bring it out.
Other than that, I have nothing to complain about this lipstick!

I like the Melted Longwear Lipstick.
The pigmentation is great, application is very smooth, and most importantly, it's not drying on my lips.
Highly recommend.

I will definitely wanna try more shades from this collection!


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