Sunday, 14 June 2015


It's Sunday!!!
And all of us are home.... Just chilling!!
It's my helper's off day and I woke up with a bad headache :/
Was thinking of bringing the kids out to play but since I'm not feeling well,
it's probably good for me to just rest at home!
Anyway, I really need alot of rest. haha!

I ran a good 6km!
It's so good, to sweat it out.
Have been exercising consistently for 6 weeks and counting.
My body is not all toned up yet, but I can feel the difference....
Now that I am older, I feel the importance of taking better care of my body.
In order to take care of my loved ones, I must first take good care of myself.

Kaylene came to me after my workout,
with this plate of goodies.

And then she proceeded to the kitchen,

To make me some pancakes, with blueberries
She's such a sweetie!!!
As she grows older, she is inheriting the sweetness her kor kor used to do for me.
Her korkor now is too busy loving his ah ma, his iPhone and car videos.

here is Kaylene's collection of part of her toys.

I have to admit. she LOVES to buy toys.
Just like how I LOVE to shop.
But she is always very organised with her stuffs.
She placed them properly and neatly,
definitely not like me.

She arranged for a play-date with her dearest aunt, who is only 1 year older than her.
It's so cute that she has her iPhone, has her whatsapp chats with her gfs and aunt,
and they are always chit-chatting.
Kids these days are so different from my era.
Have to admit I am old liao la!

Before Kaylene went to play with her aunt Michelle.

We then went to Vivio for some light shopping and dinner.
Kayliss, another shopaholic,
like mummy :p


Dinner at Madam Kwan's.

My Cendol.




& still mine.

Kaylene's and her daddy's.

The food at Madam Kwan's are quite good.
But I find it abit too oily, but still delicious!

We only stayed at Vivo for a short while before I went to pick Kaylene up!

The 2 sweetie pies :)

My fringe is getting longer.....

Went to pick my mum up at the temple event she is helping out at, with only Kayliss.
When we reached the destination, she has fallen asleep.

I didn't even have to carry her down the car seat as I waited for a good 2 hours for my mum to be done, and she's still soundly asleep, all the way til we're home!
Thank god for the windy night as I can just wind down the window with the engine off, while I stood beside the car and wait....
That's what I did on a Sat night.


My Kayliss kissing the minions.

I was complaining that Kayson rarely surprise me anymore.
And he came to me with this..
Yummy toasted bread with cheese and garlic spread 

Headed down to the temple event to look for my parents,
my daddy is helping as chef.
Kaylene didn't wanna go.
So I brought Kayson and Kayliss 

Didn't know there's FOOD.

  It all taste sooooo goood!!!

Kayson enjoyed the food the most, he had 2 bowls of rice!

So happy to see Kayson happy!!
Now that he's older, in Pri 6,
he has so many homework to do, and so many work to revise.
We rarely spend time together :(
Also, at home,
I am usually very busy with my 2 girls, who always wanna stick with me...
I feel that he feels lonely,
that's why he goes to his grandma.
Which I cannot blame him.. and I won't.
Just want him to know I love him always!

 We had a good few hours while waiting for my parents to be done!

And then,
I went to buy biscuits for Kayliss, and my helper.

Kayliss waiting for her biscuits!

To my mum's place to chill for awhile before we go home.....

My helper is also my bestie!
I spend most of my time with my helper, as much as my kids.
And I really love her as my friend, and as my family......
She's going back to Indo soon for 3 weeks.
Sure gonna miss her damn much!
But thank god, she'll be back to us soon!!

My #1 love :)

And this is how he chills ...

My supper :p

Love spending time with my parents,
even though it's just sitting there, doing nothing, just watching them talk.
I really wanna spend whatever time I have with them....
Love them so much!


Out we go :)
Bus> Mrt> Walk..

iPad to keep Kaylene occupied in the train 

Hello Kayliss!

and I was craving for Sushi.....

Kaylene is so cute to bring her bag and wallet with her.
Wanting to buy the things she want with her own money.
But mummy must top up for her wallet later. 

Happy cos she loves Sushi..

Our simple yet fulfilling brunch 

This drink is good!
Like Yakult.

We had a good time eating at this sushi place.
The sushi are only SGD$1.50 per plate!
Very affordable, and the sushi are quite fresh!

Happy to see them close, and happy

Kayliss is soooo fair that I almost look like I have jaundice beside her.

Here for the Library!!!!

We stayed for a good hour before going for tea time...

And independent Kaylene buying bread... 

Always out with 2 nursing covers.
As Kaylene can use it as a cardigan, and I can use it for nursing Kayliss

If you are interested to get them,
you can check out
The nursing covers are sent to me by the lovely owner, but I will only recommend if I love them!
And I do.... I always say that without nursing covers from Mummyslove, I probably wont be able to breastfeed for so long.
People don't know how troublesome it is to have to look for nursing rooms, wait for the nursing rooms, when I am out with 2 and more kids..
With this nursing cover, I can just cover up, and just nurse Kayliss.
Anywhere & everywhere!!

Before going home...

I dropped my ez-link card few weeks back..
Thanks to Kayliss who dropped it in the coin deposit in the bus while I was helping my helper to enquire about the price for the bus stop we will be alighting..
Luckily the value in my ez-link is not much. and no point going through so much hassle to get it back.
And my thoughtful sis, got me this Ez-link card 
Thank you Sis 

In the train ....

And while waiting for bus....

So happy to take bus!!!

Walking home....

And I found this..

Very Me.. haha!

And Kaylene bought this! 

the 3rd day...

And after a long day, here is my supper!
Cooked by my helper...
Looks soo sooo good, and taste really good!

Brought Kayliss to the doctor as she is having some rashes, and I do not know if it's caused by the medicine she has been taking for flu, or allergies.
So to be safe, brought her to the doctor.
Thankfully it's nothing serious,
was given cream to apply for her.

So loving!

My helper is just as crazy as me!!

And after seeing the doctor,
brought the kids to the playground :)
Didn't know there's swings at the playground after it's been renovated.

 We had a really fun time at the playground.
I am so excited to see the swing!!!
we even went back to play again few days later. 

After playing at the playground, I needed some cold drinks and Kaylene bought this for me!!!

Thanks Kaylene

Drawn by my sweet Kaylene :) 

After settling the kids at home, 
I went out for dinner and movie date

This Minion is sooo cute!!
I can't wait to watch the Minion movie with my 2 Kays :)

My new bag!!
Love it!!
I have another 2 bucket bags from 7th.july and the quality of the bag is very good!!

Watched this movie, and it's good!!!

Home from my movie ....

Always appreciate the sweet gesture done by Kaylene

Trimmed Kaylene's fringe as she told me the fringe is irritating her eyes....

My mum looks so young with straight hair!!

And my car started to give me problems again!
Sometimes I'm just so scare to drive the car, not knowing when and where the car will start to be crazy again
And it's a new car..

back home after a long night,
to new bag and new shoes
Shoes > ( the black are sold out but I managed to find the links for the other colors available. )

Didn't go anywhere on Mon thus no updates.
Only food bought home by Mr hulk.

Super yummy and good!!

After a day just staying home,
my helper is finally back from her day off..
And she came home with this!!
I always tell my helper she must be the worm in my stomach 
I was craving for bubble milk tea, app my hub to buy for he's at another location and can't buy for me.
And then my helper, who's back from her day out, 
Came back with bubble milk tea for me!!!!
i didn't even app her or anything.
Telepathy la.
I love her so much....

Had a good week.
Hope next week will be good too 


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