Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mon Tues, and chilling at home Wed.

Woke up with a headache today :(
Don't like it when I wake up and feel like I'm 10 times heavier.
Anyway, order Mcdelivery as Kayson reminded me that the  CURRY SAUCE is back at Mcdonalds.
I think he and Kaylene miss it badly. LOL
Also, the toys for the Happy Meal are Minions figurines.
Too bad they don't deliver it via delivery.
So this is what we got :

Very fulfilling tea time :)

Helper went for her medical check up and came home with this ipoh hor fan for me
 Love how thoughtful my helper is.
Whenever she is out, she will come back with food/snacks for me and my kids.
Like, she doesn't have to do it right?
Thankful :)

Kayson happy with the new flavor ice-cream!

After sending Kayson for his Maths class,
we went to watch Hi5 performance!

Kayliss is soooo grouchy and unhappy, I wonder why!

Initially, she didn't even wanna stand on her own.
Kept hugging on to me to a point I nearly suffocate.
But then as the music plays and the cute kids around her started to dance,
she stood up and danced along too :)
Kayliss doing some shopping :)

I have bought many tickets for the rides at Zoomoov because Kayson said to let Kayliss sit.
$5 for a 10 mins ride..
Ok la.. just let the kids ride :)

Everytime we are here, Kayliss will definitely wanna sit on the ride.
But jiejie Kaylene will now ride on her own, leaving Kayliss alone.
Some time back,
Kaylene told me that some sec school students actually laughed at her , by pointing at her while she's on the ride,
saying something like
"you see her, riding on the "elephant" ".. and then continue to laugh.
So I asked her what's her reaction.
And what she said surprised me.
"I don't care mummy. I'm upset, but they are nobody to me. So I don't care about them!"
Thumbs up to Kaylene!
Many times, we let people who don't matter to us, get to us by their actions.
But do they seriously matter??
No... cos they are nobody to us.
So chill, smile, and move on!

NO Q at llao llao....
so yea
I like it with some nuts, kiwi/pineapples/watermelon slices, and dark chocolate sauce!
It's so refreshing and good!

Kayliss loves it too!

 Just like me, 
Kayliss enjoys it very much!

Been bringing my girls to the playground to play more often....
This time, to the playground just behind the mall.

 Kayliss had a great time running about the playground, and me, chasing after her!!!

My dinner :)

This Kaylene, decided to go solo at the mall..
She didn't want me to follow her, and asked to be on her own.
I objected, 
but she said :
"mummy, don't worry. I am a big girl now.
And I know how to navigate around the mall."
So... I let her be.
But before any of that, I told her ( I always tell her that even when she's with me!) that 
1) only me , or the person appointed, can fetch her.
2) no matter who said who is friend of who's appointed, to bring her somewhere,
NO will be the answer.
3) yell HELP when being forced.
4) simply call me if she needs any help.

She did good that day!

She came to me, and told me she bought an Ice cream for me

Which ended up with Kayliss.

We had a short but good evening out...
Back home, latched Kayliss and she zzzzz!

And Hub came home with this late at night!

And my supper!

Kaylene is so cute!
Before she went to bed, she wrote this list...
The next day, she told me she is already at Number 5 when I woke up.

Kayliss is curious and amazed to see this...

While waiting for my 2 elder kids at the taxi stand...
(Kayliss only cares about the seaweed. LOL )

I had something to attend to earlier in the day, and I couldn't make it home to bring Kayson for his piano class.
So I told Kayson to book a cab, attaching the car plate no & the telephone no of the taxi driver to my whatsapp,
and meet me at the mall, with Kaylene!
This is actually the 1st time that Kayson brought Kaylene along with him, alone.
They made it to the mall safely

Running to Kayliss. LOL

So proud of them 
 My mum has been telling me that my kids are old enough to be independent!
When I'm 12, I am already out to take a public bus to school la.
I am slowly training them to be independent... 


Waiting while Kayson is in class.

I woke up sightly earlier to curl my hair :)

At the supermarket~

So many chocolates, but so sad we cannot buy.

Feeling upset and mad... and Kaylene did this to make me smile :) 

Thank you Kaylene for always being a sweetie pie!

To the playground after going home to change.

Played for a good hour before going to packet food for myself for dinner...
super yummy!!!!

And chilled ching teng for dessert!

Gonna stay at home and chill :)

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