Thursday, 25 June 2015

Eyelash Extensions.

After getting my 1st laser facial treatment ( will do another blog post on that. ), 
I walked into FEP wanting to get snacks to munch on,
I suddenly have the urge to get my eyelashes done.
Eyelashes extensions!
I have been complementing if I should get it done these 2 weeks as I had my lashes did at my sponsor many months back and the lashes really compliments my eyes...
( still my sponsor as they're such sweet peeps, but I am just too lazy to travel down >.< ), 
but stopped because I wanna let my eyelashes rest.
All along, I have very very sparse and thin eyelashes.
To an extend that even when I put on mascara, it also look like it's barely there.
One coat, look normal.
Two coats, lashes look spidery liao.
I hate that!
That's why I depend on fake eyelashes, pretty much all the time.
But abit siao when I have to send my girl for her ballet class at 10am... and with fake eyelashes on.
But with only mascara, I feel that it's not enough for my eyes.
I just feel insecure without having eyelashes on.

Since I'm out alone,
I decided to think no more and just go ahead and do!

Managed to take some photos with my eyes half/barely open. haha!

Both eyes with eyelash extensions.

I know it looks pretty thick but on my eyes, it looks quite natural with my eyes open!

I used to get eyelash extensions done frequently in the past! Like 5 years back?!
I have tried those eyelash extensions with thinner lashes but they don't look good on my eyes,
they don't complement them.
Especially when my lashes are so sparse...
I have seen photos of bloggers who look great and so natural with those lashes.
Sadly, I am not able to do that.
It just looks like my lashes, but longer...
Anyway, it's great to have eyelash extensions on!
I can cut down my time when doing my make up. and if I need to get out of the house in 15-20 mins.
I can do away with doing my eyelashes!
Especially when my helper is going back to INDO for 3 weeks soon.
I definitely do not have extra time to get my make up done.
So now is the right time to do and get used to it on my eyes...


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