Sunday, 7 June 2015

1st weekend of the June School Holidays...

And it's time for me, to just chill at home.
Kayson just went out with his daddy and grandma to the IT show.
 while me and my 2 girls stay home and just CHILL...

* Kayliss is taking a nap

While Kaylene is just revising her Maths, doing chapters she has learnt in school.

My whole body is still aching from the pool play with my 2 girls last night.
Hubby and I went to get swimming float for Kayliss as I'm intending to bring her to the pool more often.
Thus it's important to have the float around for her since she hasn't learn how to swim yet.
Only managed to find these 2 cuter ones at ISETAN.

We had such a fun time in the pool!
Even though Kaylene had a fall earlier in the evening, hurting her elbow while chasing after Kayson via her skate scooter.

Thus she's using the float instead, to support her hands while in the pool.
She didn't wanna go down to the pool at first.
But I encouraged her to do so.. because I know the pain is seriously not any of a big deal.
She had already cried it all out.
So have to pick herself up liao!
And even though she's reluctant, she did went into the pool after minutes of just sitting by the pool and kicking her legs.
In the end, she just went into the pool and enjoyed herself :)

Kayliss also isn't too happy as she isn't feeling too well.
I know she's always happy whenever she gets to play at the water play.
So this time, I brought her to the pool.
It's her 1st time in the pool, and she loves it!
She even knows how to kick, like she's swimming.
Even though she is clinging to me all the time in the pool.

Plus I did a 30 mins run right after I wake up.
with my new kicks!!

I seriously love the vibrant colors!
Makes me more motivated to jog and train... just by looking at the colors :)

If you're interested by the model...

It was great, sweating all the anger out!
I had a really rough night as I fell asleep after we got home from the pool ( which is actually a very god thing as I always have a hard time falling asleep! )
.... and then Kayliss decided to ruin my night by waking up almost every hour to latch.
Even though I had almost 10 hours of sleep, I feel like I barely even slept.
I can't be angry with her as she's just a baby.
So I use sweating it out to vent out all my anger!
I don't know about others, but if I can't sleep well ( somemore I don't get to sleep more than 3 hours on a daily basis ),
I get super mad and my mood will be super bad.
Which is why my temper is usually bad, something I am working on to improve.

After attending ballet classes at Cheng Ballet, it's a must for Kaylene to get her hair bun up before going for her ballet class.
Which we don't have to do when Kaylene attended ballet classes at her previous ballet school.
Kaylene's hair is very long as you can see!
And I always have a hard time trying to bun up her hair.
But after using the hair-net ( like those old ah ma are using! ), it's such a breeze to bun up her hair!
By only one try, her hair is up in a bun! 

After sending Kaylene for her ballet class, my helper stayed with her while I send Kayson for his chinese class.
His "enough liao anot " face. haha!

My must have COFFEE for me to tahan for my busy day, my busiest day of the week.
 This Starbucks re-usable cup is given to me by my sister :)
And it's so good, I use it for basically any beverage.
My iced water, my coke, my coffee....

Can you believe I only went to bed at 5am because Kayliss isn't feeling too well and wants me to hug her almost all the time
And I woke up at 9am to get ready for the day.
But no matter how tired I am, I usually get myself ready and usually in 15-20 mins!
> Newly bought monthly GEO brown lens. (super comfortable!)
> Too faced Primed and Poreless face primer
> Make up forever concealer for my scars
> Canmake pressed powder
> Too Faced chocolate bronzer in medium/deep
> Tarte blusher in Bashful
> 1028 eyebrow pencil in brown
> TFS eyeliner in black 
> Maybelline waterproof liquid eyeliner
> Maybelline Big Eyes mascara in black
and lastly,
>  Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray.
But I think the most mighty one of all, is the beauty mode from my Samsung S6 camera 
My make up usually last almost all the way til evening.
Since I sweat quite a lot, I need cosmetics which are more long lasting.
Have tried BB creams but those usually broke my skin out.
So currently, I just stick to concealer and pressed/2-way powder.

while both my kids are in class, I went to get breakfast and then go back to pick them up before I can rest my feet.
I also managed to do some light shopping,
got myself a lipstick from Watsons.

I love how moisturizing it is on my lips and isn't too drying even without a lip balm before applying.
I also love the color of it.
I have 3 YSL lipsticks and I don't like any of it.
The formulation, and the color, I just don't like it.
But I ended up buying it because the packaging is so chic and gorgeous, and I tell myself that I can try liking it..
but No, so it's now only as display on my dressing table.
That's why I always feel expensive lipsticks don't mean it's good lipsticks.
Sometimes it's only the packaging that's what cause the hype but not the product itself.
Anyway, I got the Revlon lipstick for only SGD$10 
( 20% store wide discount and with the points I can redemn), so it's such a good deal 

my MIL is back from Russia and bought this for me!
Even though my r/s with my MIL is not very close, but I greatly appreciate it when she buys gifts for me.
Like, she doesn't have to....
But still thankful that she did.
Kayson is also closer to her now as she puts in effort to accompany Kayson.
He's now a big boy and doesn't need any phsycial help like bathing and eating.
So he is now big enough to accompany his grandma.
Ever since the passing of my FIL, I'm the one who told hubby that since Kayson is a big boy now, he can help to accompany his grandma.
And I have never ever object him in doing so even though they have never help me when Kayson was growing up.
There is no need for that.
I grow up without the love from my grandparents and I do not want my children to go through that.
It's always good to have someone to pamper you, isn't it?
No matter what grudges, life is too short to hold on to all that stupid stuffs.
Of course I do feel angry when I think about it. 
I am still alive, and well.
Do I need to have all that hatred in my life?
Because no one is worth of me to hate and waste my time with them.
So yea,
I am living my life to the fullest everyday.
Busy with my life, exercising, guiding my kids with what they are experiencing in life, exploring the island with my kids, spending time with my sis and my parents, and not to forget friends who stay by me all these while
Have a great weekend all!!!

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