Thursday, 25 June 2015

Eyelash Extensions.

After getting my 1st laser facial treatment ( will do another blog post on that. ), 
I walked into FEP wanting to get snacks to munch on,
I suddenly have the urge to get my eyelashes done.
Eyelashes extensions!
I have been complementing if I should get it done these 2 weeks as I had my lashes did at my sponsor many months back and the lashes really compliments my eyes...
( still my sponsor as they're such sweet peeps, but I am just too lazy to travel down >.< ), 
but stopped because I wanna let my eyelashes rest.
All along, I have very very sparse and thin eyelashes.
To an extend that even when I put on mascara, it also look like it's barely there.
One coat, look normal.
Two coats, lashes look spidery liao.
I hate that!
That's why I depend on fake eyelashes, pretty much all the time.
But abit siao when I have to send my girl for her ballet class at 10am... and with fake eyelashes on.
But with only mascara, I feel that it's not enough for my eyes.
I just feel insecure without having eyelashes on.

Since I'm out alone,
I decided to think no more and just go ahead and do!

Managed to take some photos with my eyes half/barely open. haha!

Both eyes with eyelash extensions.

I know it looks pretty thick but on my eyes, it looks quite natural with my eyes open!

I used to get eyelash extensions done frequently in the past! Like 5 years back?!
I have tried those eyelash extensions with thinner lashes but they don't look good on my eyes,
they don't complement them.
Especially when my lashes are so sparse...
I have seen photos of bloggers who look great and so natural with those lashes.
Sadly, I am not able to do that.
It just looks like my lashes, but longer...
Anyway, it's great to have eyelash extensions on!
I can cut down my time when doing my make up. and if I need to get out of the house in 15-20 mins.
I can do away with doing my eyelashes!
Especially when my helper is going back to INDO for 3 weeks soon.
I definitely do not have extra time to get my make up done.
So now is the right time to do and get used to it on my eyes...


Monday, 22 June 2015

Too Faced Melted Longwear Lipstick.

Too Faced Melted Long-wear Lipstick.
More about this product:
- Provides high-impact, super rich, saturated pigment in a long-wear formula.
- Precision tip applicator to allow for a clean, effortless application each time (no liner needed!).

I want it badly after watching the Youtube videos of quite many Youtuber raving about this lipstick.
Youtube is so evil !!!
Always tempting me to get new make up products after watching the videos.

I received this color in a Christmas set ( I think ) at Sephora sometime back.
Thus this tube is smaller compared to the regular Melted Lipstick.
Melted Fushia

On my hand, with just one swatch.
Super impressed by the pigmentation.

I really like the applicator.
The cushion applicator feels really smooth when applying on my lips.
And the shape of it, makes it less prone to making mistakes!
Especially when I don't like to apply lip-liner prior to putting on lipsticks.
And darker colors will make the mistakes more obvious.

On my lips.
Only one application.
With no lipbalm, no lipliner, and just the lipstick itself.
Application is very smooth.
Color is very pigmented and it glided on smoothly on my lips.
I have dry lips and this doesn't emphasis the dry lines on my lips.
Instead, it makes my lips look good..
Like smooth, and moisturized,
THUMBS UP for that!

I am very excited when I got this shade.
 after I applied on my lips, I realized it doesn't compliment my yellowish skin tone.
It also makes my teeth look more yellow....
I have only used it twice, and I really don't like this lip color.
So sad.
I feel it will be more suitable for people who has fair skin tone.

Another shade which I got.
Melted Nude

I have to get my sister to get me this shade when she's overseas as it was OOS when I wanted to get it at the local Sephora!

The perfect amount of lipstick ( formula is more like lipblam + lipstick ) is dispensed each time I open the cap.

On my hand with just one swatch.
I got a shock when I swatch it on my hand.
As it appeared really brown, which I expected it to be more peachy?
I didn't get to test the shade at Sephora as there's not even a tester there for me to try.
So I just tried my luck to get it and hope *fingers cross* it'll suit me.

when applied on my lips.
it appeared much lighter, but not too light that it doesn't applied nicely.
And the shade is perfect.
The exact shade which I like!!!
My lips are quite pigmented thus not all lipsticks can be applied nicely with just one applicator.)

And the nude doesn't make me look like I'm sick, or look dead.

I have been searching for the perfect NUDE lip color!
And the search haven't been easy. 
I can say I waste quite an amount and yet, none is up to my standard.
I need one which is not too NUDE where I look like I'm sick,
 which I can wear with really light make up, also with heavy make up, one which is not drying, 
and at the same time being able to compliment my skin tone...
and I think this is the perfect nude lip color for me!!!

I have worn this lip color many times.
I don't find it long lasting on me as I am someone who clean my lips each time I eat, like after every spoon, I will clean my mouth.
And I drink lots of water ( breastfeeding makes me thirsty almost all the time!), 
Thus, messing up my lipstick is very easy la.
One thing I don't like about this Melted Lipstick is, 
because it's in a tube form,every time I placed it in my bag
( I bring alot of barang barang in my bag, and my huge water bottle!)
I fear that my things will pressed on it and it might burst or something,
or dispense too much of the lip product when I need to use it.
So now, I don't bring it out.
Other than that, I have nothing to complain about this lipstick!

I like the Melted Longwear Lipstick.
The pigmentation is great, application is very smooth, and most importantly, it's not drying on my lips.
Highly recommend.

I will definitely wanna try more shades from this collection!


Saturday, 20 June 2015


Minion movie night :)
Fringe is so long that I got to keep them away from my face!

Wanna have dinner with the 2 elder Kays but they didn't want to!
They are so used to having dinner at home that if possible ( usually ALWAYS ), they wanna eat at home before going out.
So I didn't get to have my dinner at my fav. sushi restaurant....

Anyway, reached early.
Thus we have time to walk around before going for the movie.

Wanna get the cute minions figurines but it's sold out at the Suntec outlet...
Aint they all so cute!!!!

Toy R us !

I don't know what these are.. except it's MINIONS...
& no way will I pay $220 for it.
Thankfully my kids just wanna take photos with it.

My dearest son :)

Now that he's older, he has his own way of thinking.
And most of the time, he just wanna chill at home when I asked if he wanna hang out with us.
The way he said is so freaking funny.
" I can relax and chill when you and mei mei (s) go out... because the house will be really quiet."
He must have had enough of us ladies talking all the time at home!
 And I don't wanna force him when he doesn't want to.
But sometimes, I just want him to hang out with us... 
Like go for dinner ( but he prefers to have it at home ), 
go shopping ( but he prefers to chill and read magazines, watch Top Gear at home )
But ok la... As long as he is happy, I am happy too!
Even though I am abit upset that my boy is not that baby anymore.
He is upset with me ever since Tues, for confiscating his precious iphone
As his piano teacher is not very happy with him not practicing enough for his Grade 3 piano exam.
He was supposed to take his exam in March but he fractured both his wrists in Jan and he definitely can't go for it due to him not being able to practice.
I requested for him to take it at the next slot available which is in June,
 but his teacher don't think it's possible for him to score well at the pace he is playing.
So it was scheduled to Sept.
And I have said that ever since he fractured his wrist in Jan, he missed many classes ( school ), 
lessons ( piano & swimming ) that after he got back to them, he isn't motivated AT ALL.
I do not wanna be too harsh on him, but I also do not want him to just laze it off.
When I raise my voice, he gets upset with me
I mean, what's so difficult with practicing on the piano, when you have a piano at home!!!
He has so much passion with playing when he started... I have all the videos of him playing happily on the piano, and he is even able to play on the piano with a piece he learnt just by listening, without any notes!
Then this year, he told me he doesn't wanna play it anymore...
And I know a huge reason is not because he doesn't love it anymore.
He still likes it, but he feels it's ok to NOT LEARN anymore if he doesn't want to.
( by.... )
Same like for his abacus class, his drawing class.
He stopped half way when he is showing interest in them!
I am really mad.
I feel that as his loved ones, we should encourage him to continue with what we know he loves.
You can see it in their eyes, their expressions.
Especially as his mother, I know he loves whatever he is learning now.
And what we should do is encourage them to continue learning.. especially when we know it's good for them.
Not letting them stop half way just because they don't feel they like it anymore.
I do not wanna force him, I also do not want him to be upset... As much as I feel it's very wasted to stop after Grade 3, like not here nor there,
I told him to continue with it til he takes his Grade 3 exam.
Then we will discuss from there.
Hopefully by then, he'll wanna continue.

At age 12, I am starting to see the rebellious side of him.
I need lots of patience man!
But of course, I love him still!!

Nvm, I still have my baby Kayliss


 Someone gave us 2 free bottles of coke and popcorns ( THANK YOU KINDLY ) as they have extras from the event they signed up for.
And my Coke bottles has this...
Told my maid to greet my mum with this the next time she sees her. haha!
Which means " Good or not!"

Waiting patiently...

It's my helper's, and Kayliss's first time in the movie theater for movie.
I think Kayliss will do fine as I have brought her with me to watch plays many times and she sat through the 2-3 hours show without fussing.
Like really sat through it.
So I am confident for the Minion movie ( especially when we have the Minions movies DVD at home and she has watched it many times haha!) , she'll do fine too!

And she really sat through the show, enjoying the movie and the popcorns... haha!!

More movie dates with my baby Kayliss!!!

Kayliss is so far!
That whenever we take photos. I look so Yellowish beside her

Drive through before going home .....
And they have the Minion figurines at the Mcdonalds near-by our place!!

Surprised that Kaylene likes them more than Kayson now!

He used to LOVE them 2 years back.
*** His 10th Birthday celebration, cake from Shiberty .
I requested for 10 strand of hair on the Minion as it's his 10th Birthday.

I had a great night with my 3 babies.
Even though it's mad tiring!!
Kayson chasing after Kaylene while I got to chase after them, and Kayliss.
And my helper chasing after us.

Another week to go before the school re-opens.
I actually wanna bring my kids to many places, but they wanna chill at home.
I don't wanna tire them out so we'll just chill at home, and then maybe go to the park during the weekends or something.
Will see how it goes.

Good night :)