Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Kaylene's Ballet...


Kaylene's Ballet Grade 1 Examination.

The girls had their last training class with Teacher Phylis on last Thursday before going for the Ballet Grade 1 exam on Monday..

We have to reach the school an hour earlier before the examination time as the girls need to prepare and style.
So I went to school to pick my baby girl up before her school ended,
and here she is, proudly showing me the stickers she has accumulated from the lessons she attended.

Grabbed a quick brunch before she went to the class to gather with her 3 lovely dance mates.

Lovely Teacher Phylis styling Kaylene's hair...

Can't believe how fast my girl has grown...

She and her round round face :p

The cute little bun.

Waiting patiently for her dance mates to be prepared.

The 1st two to be ready :)

Kaylene started practicing her dance moves while she's doing the waiting...

That's my cheeky baby girl. haha!

  *** Ya, I'm the KIASU parent who will keep walking around my kids to take tons of photos of them. haah!***

All done, ready and prepared :)

My girl, forever cheeky. haha!

Kaylene, and her lovely pretty dance mates :)

And the girls, with the wonderful Teacher Phylis.

Practicing before entering the examination room.




After an hour-two of preparation (styling), and a year of dancing,
they're prepared and ready for their exam.
I am sure they are.
35 mins in the examination room... and got to wait for 1-2 months for the result and cert.

As Kaylene's mum, I'm equally as excited and nervous as her, or even more than her.
This time round, she is more relax.
She is smiling, talking and practicing during the wait.
For her pre-ballet examination last year,
she got so nervous that she suddenly nose-bled, and stained her attire.
(before her nose-bled LOL)

Thankfully, one of the kind mummies among the her dance mates lent us her daughter's attire.
It was only 5-10 mins away from the examination, so imagine how hectic it was and how nervous we were.
But luckily, it went great and Kaylene had fun!

And I am so glad Kaylene actually pushed herself to finish this grade for Ballet.
I mean she enjoys Ballet.
She is the one who actually pester me that she wants to go for ballet classes when she's around 4.
I don't know where and how she learns what ballet is....
I didn't put her straight for it as my MIL has always said ballet is a waste of money,
hubby and I are both worried about her becoming too skinny ( which is what we see ), and also transportation as I didn't get to drive that often then.
Until one day, my mum went to register Kaylene for ballet class at a CC near her place.
Her ah ma had enough of us dilly dally-ing. haha
And I got to thank my mum for that!
Because we all see how happy Kaylene is when she's dancing...

(year 2012)

Her first ballet lesson :)

 So cute and chubby!!!

Now that she's older, she has a stronger sense of responsibility.
She always want to wake up early for Ballet, but wake up feeling grouchy and whiney.... 
Almost to an extend that I really wanna chase her out of the house because it's irritating and is affecting me.
The same goes for when she has to wake up for school.
And the thing is, she sets an earlier time and will never allow herself to be late.
So we all have to wake up early to prepare with her.
There was a period of time she said she doesn't want to go for ballet classes as the teacher then (not Teacher Phylis ) is very fierce.
But I told her she is the one who wanted to go for ballet class, so she should not give up so easily...
So week after week, from loving ballet class, to dreading to go for ballet class, to enjoying it very much now!

Mummy is so proud of you :) 

Kaylene and Teacher Phylis.
(who used to teach her when she's at Hougang CC, and then at Crestar.)

Thank you for making Kaylene enjoys Ballet much more than she does, and pushing her to perform better :)
Been a good 1 year plus with you and I hope the best for you in your future endeavors.

And as she's not teaching there anymore, we are also leaving to another Ballet school.
It's kinda sad as I love Teacher Phylis, just like Kaylene. And I like the small class too.
But all good things will come to an end.
Thanks to a nice mummy for her recommendation. 
Kaylene will be going to another ballet school which I have been wanting to place her there. But because Kaylene loves Teacher Phylis and so we continue with her.
But since she is leaving to a further location with no classes for grade 2, 
I decided to change Kaylene to a school nearer to my place :)

Can't wait for Kaylene to start ballet at a new ballet school and hope she'll enjoy ballet as much as now.

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