Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fri and Sat.

My busy saturday :)
All my 3 kids went to bed by 11pm.... 
Which is very good!
Finally have time to on my laptop to upload all the photos.
Phone is so lag.
Oh ya, I dropped my phone in the basin last week and my phone went crazy.
Luckily, we managed to get it fixed.
But for that one day when my phone was not with me, I feel so relax not having to check on the msges and calendar. 

I love waking up to my sunshines!
Provided that Kaylene doesn't throw her tantrum, which she didn't today. 
 She woke up feeling great :)

Had a really Crazy morning!
Sent Kayson for his CCA, Kaylene for her ballet, and MIL for her groceries shopping.
Mad rush for me, because Kayliss decided to wake up at 730am, just when we're about to leave the house.
Super grouchy and cried non-stop as she wants me to hold on to her but I need to drive
And because she's super grouchy, she doesn't wanna be in her car seat.
I have to force her into the car seat when I need to drive with no one to help carry her.
My helper got to be with Kaylene, and I need to rush home to prepare before going to Kayson's enrollment ceremony in his school.
It's really OMG.... but I didn't let it get to me.
I always tell myself this is my life, 
Life of a mum of 3.

Thank God we made it home safely after that hectic & rush morning.

Wanted to put Kayliss back in bed but she refused my plan.
So I bathed her, she had breakfast...

And out we went, to her Kor Kor's school.

I have to park a distance away from the school, and the sun is so scorching Hot.
Luckily I brought along the pram and it saved my life!!!
And despite the hot weather, Kayliss is so well-behaved, sitting in her pram and watched the parade.

Where is Kayson??!

Found him!


We stood under the shelter but it's really too hot and humid.
I'm so afraid that Kayliss can't take it since we don't usually go out so early during the day.
( we are night owls haha! )
So we bidded Kayson good bye and went home!

And my baby girl finally fell asleep on the way home :)
I almost fell asleep too cos I'm so exhausted after walking under the hot sun...
But of course I can't.
As we gotta head out to watch 
The Three Billy Goat Gruff :)

Kaylene is so excited to watch this musical.

NO photographs and videos taking in the theater.
So we can concentrate on watching the musical!
It is really a good one, with the amazing actors and catchy songs sang during the musical.
All of us enjoyed it very much!
Even Kayliss, who sat through the musical without any fussing..
She was napping and only woke up after 1/3 of the muscial, and even though she's scare during short parts of the musical ( covering her eyes with her hands. ), she didn't cry :)
She even clapped along with the songs. haha!
Thanks my girl for behaving :)
And thanks for having us!!

After enjoying ourselves, back home to mother's duty!
Always seeing these duo :)

Kaylene, before going to her aunt Michelle's place to play.

And my cheeky botak having her evening stroll :)

Her hair is finally growing!
Even though it's growing really slow, like really slow!
But there's progress. haha!
Hopefully, I'll be able to tie her hair for her when she goes to school next year for Pre-nursery. 

I managed to spend time with my 3 kids :)
I mean I spend time with them at home all the time, but when it comes to bringing them out, all 3 of them, 
is RARE these days.
Kayson has tuition and when he's free, he just wanna chill at home without the girls.
He wants his ME time.
Which I totally understand because with a house FULL OF LADIES, it's NOISY. 

To me, it's never a hassle to bring all 3 kids with me. Of course it's easy to be frustrated when you have to tend to 3 different people with 3 different character and opinions. And sometimes having to deal with the 3 of them at the same time, almost drives me nuts.
But I am always up to this challenge.
I believe I am being put through things, to learn from it.
And from this, I am learning to be more....
Patience :)

He promised to practice on the piano after he woke up and he did...
 I know he's kinda distracted and doesn't wanna play with all his heart, 
but all I am doing is for his own good.
He may not understand it now, but he will eventually.

My happy babies on Easter :)

Out we go :)
 Thankful to have a car to drive because it is sooo sooo sooo troublesome to travel out with 3 kids.
Especially when I need to bring a pram.
I fear to take a cab with cab drivers with attitude problem.
I hate to deal with that!
When I have enough of that at home. LOL
Oh ya, I have been letting Kayliss sit on the pram because she is so hyper!
My helper and I always have a hard time taking care of her when we're out.
We need to have our eyes on her, ALL THE TIME.
Even more when we're out!
I used to say my 2 elder Kays are naughty when they're younger,
now I'm given a really naughty one
Anyway, Kayliss has been doing well.
Willing to sit on the pram :)

Decided to go to Northpoint!
 Kayliss just wake up look. 

My 2 active elder Kays.

2 elder Kays took turns to push Kayliss who's relaxing in the pram :)

And as usual, both end up quarreling over the pram.

There's this Japan snacks fair going on at the atrium, and right after Kayson saw this,

He told me to buy it for his daddy.
Because his daddy loves the old-sch style of chocolates.. which looks like this.
 Even though he is always making me worry about his studies, 
I know he is kind and thoughtful.
I mean kids with a good heart, will not turn out to be too bad, right?

Blk 925 for our early dinner!
Wanted to have chicken rice at first, but then I also wanted to eat noodles.
So I chose the one with lesser Q.
And it's good :)

My kids want Chee Cheong Fan :)
But they didn't finished it as they already had dinner at home.

After a meal at the coffeeshop, rewarded  them with Yogurt for behaving well :)

Head to meet my parents :)
Just spending time with them at the temple as they miss their grandchildren!

Kaylene made this ice-cream biscuit for me :)

Always so active....

Really hard for me to take selfie with this active girl cos she is always moving.

Seems like I'm exercising in the midst of running after her

And here are my 2 cheeky girls.

Got to head home as the kids need to be in bed.. But before going home,
Kayson said he's hungry, and so am I.
So we went to buy Chong Pang Nasi Lemak!
Parking there is such a hassle, thus I parked a distance away as there's a carpark, and my helper can be in the car with Kaylene who already fell asleep,
While I carry Kayliss and walked to buy with Kayson.

5-10 mins of walking, 15 mins of Q-ing, and another 5-10 mins of walking back to the car.
But my son didn't complain at all
And even helped me with the 3 pacs of rice as I was carrying Kayliss!

And my supper :)
Super yummy!!

And before I went to bed,
I saw this on my dining table....

 Always thankful to be blessed with my kids.
Who loves me for who I am....
When I said I am thankful, I sincerely am.
For all the things I wasn't blessed with when I was young, now I am.
And I truly appreciate what I am being given as I know how it feels to have nothing that I wished for... 
I have nothing I want more.

I am not perfect. I made many mistakes in life.
I still do... but I always tell myself I must learn from it and don't make the same mistakes.
And I feel apologetic for the mistakes made.
At the same time, I thank those who loves me despite of all my flaws.
Who tells me it's ok to make mistakes and support me to be better.
I really am thankful to them ;)

Got to go rest now as it's my helper's off day, and Mr Hulk is away til Sun.
So it's basically me and myself with the 3 kids.
Hope it'll be a good day for me!!

Good night all!

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