Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunday Dinner with Family :)

Sunday is family time for me and my family!
That's the only day the kids get to see their daddy during the day (LOL) as he's very busy from Mon-Fri,
and because I am so tired from all the sending and fetching on Mon-Fri, and especially Sat ( 3 consecutive places to go back to back ),
from 730am!
By the time I'm done with it, it's already 2pm and I just wanna lie on the bed and rest!
So usually, we'll be chilling at home on Sat and head out on Sun for our family day 

Dinner here :
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road #01-42
Singapore 238884

It's our 1st time dining here as we rarely come to Forum.
I think the last time we came here was when Kayson is around 4, 5?? Can't really remember.. but I do remember there is a HUGE ToyRus . 
Which is the main purpose when I wanna come here.

Was ushered to our dining seats and kids get crayons to draw on the papers.
(I know the lighting of the photos is abit crazy but do bear with it.)

Kayliss is showing me her talents for Art too. haha!

Kayson has now learnt to say No to the camera whenever he doesn't feel like it, 
where-as Kaylene is as usual, my cutie bear.

I was settling the kids thus Hubby ordered the food 

A huge bowl of Mushroom Soup!

Gotta share it with Kayson.

I don't know what is the drink that I ordered, it came, with alcohol in it. 
I didn't realized it until I'm 1/3 done with it.
 Hubby comment that Kayliss will probably get drunk later as I'm still breastfeeding her. 

Pizzas for the kids!

Food is served :)

The food here is delicious!
My kids finished their serving of Pizza, 
(I helped Kaylene with 2 slices.)
and it taste really good.
 I gotta share my plate of pasta with my helper as I feel that the portion of it is too much for me...
I also like the ambiance there... not too lightly dimmed and they played nice music.
Will definitely dine there again.

And after the fulfilling dinner, we head off to ToysRus!
The paradise for my kids.. haha!

Kayliss is very excited too!

My 2 elder Kayson didn't wanna wait for me and rushed off to get what they wanted. haha!

Helper helped me take photos of my 2 elder ones while I pushed Kayliss around in the trolley.

Kayson and his Tomica Cars.
He is obsessed with them...

Kayliss doesn't want to be seated in the seat provided.. So I put her in the bigger space of the trolley.
And she is really enjoying herself with her ipad in hand.
She is so spoilt by my parents.
But I guess MOST grandparents do that. 

Didn't stay for long as Kids need to be in bed by 10pm... 
But we had a fun evening :)

Me.. and my always stained top.
Woes of a breastfeeding mum. haha!

Before I end my night, 
gotta put my girl in bed first...

Kaylene and her cute sleeping area. haha!
Even her babies have blankets :)

I love Sunday because I get to spend time with my family.
Shopping, dining, and just be with them 

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