Friday, 20 March 2015

Short trip to Malaysia.

So excited to be able to travel out of Singapore to Malaysia with my family :)
I don't get to travel with my parents ever since I got married and have kids, maybe just once? or twice within these 12 years, and that's also just travelling to Malaysia.
But still, I am excited to.
This time with Kaylene, Kayliss and my helper..
The main plan was, my parents bringing just Kaylene along with them, but I insisted to tag along. And since I'm still breastfeeding Kayliss, I got to bring her along too.
Minus my hubby and Kayson, as he has to study for the upcoming PSLE and also, he can accompany my MIL...
But I promised him that we'll be going to Disneyland Tokyo after he is done with PSLE.
I don't see him being upset, maybe because he's happy that I won't be around to nag at him for the 3 days I'll be out of the house.

Also, I got myself a new camera for this trip.
Casio ZR 1500.
 Love the hot pink color!

I have been looking around for a good compact camera ( and within my budget ) to bring around!
As even though my Samsung NX 2000 takes really great pictures, it is really bulky for me to carry around,
Especially when I am always with my kids, having to carry Kayliss.
Not to mention my bag is kinda heavy to begin with.
Got sucked into buying it most partly because it's pink! ( like this new camera. LOL! )

And my other Casio camera ( so old that I can't even remember the model. ),
the resolution is not good compared to the new cameras and I can't get to load videos of it up to instagram.
Searched for reviews and ultimately, I chose this Casio ZR 1500.

Also love that it has a flip screen! 
Perfect for selfie :)

It also comes with a 8GB Wireless LAN.
Which I am still figuring out how to use it. LOL

Supposed to be packing light but it's so difficult to pack light, especially when you have kids.
I tried my best to pack as less as possible for my attire.
But I got to bring extra clothing for my kids, just in case!
And thankful that I am still breastfeeding, as there is no need for bottles, warmer, milk powder and having to worry about washing them after each feed.
Seriously, Thankful!

My uncle came to pick us up on Sunday night as we'll be going to the house in JB first.

My cheeky baby girl.
( Hair still growing at a very very slow speed! )

Day 1 
Left the house at 7am to catch the bus up to Genting..

Tired baby Kayliss...

Kaylene went to the 7-11 with my daddy and came back with this, and said that it's for her daddy :)
Such a sweet girl.

Had our breakfast at the coffeeshop just near by the bus interchange.
As it'll be a 6 hours bus journey from JB to Genting. So need to make sure we have a good breakfast.
Kaylene already had cereal before we leave the house, got to make sure she eats at home first with I know what she'll want as I do not want her to be hungry and grouchy.
Very important.
Do not want to be angry, especially when we're travelling.
As for Kayliss, breastfeeding makes it so much easier when travelling!

My wonderful helper :)

My yummy breakfast!

My cute daddy and happy Kaylene :)

Kaylene loves Maeso alot. She keeps checking Maeson out and offer to help with him... 

Gadgets is so important when travelling.
They keep my kids entertained!
I learnt how to load videos and music into my gadgets like super last minute!! The day before we left for JB. haha
I have been putting off that as I can simply use wifi and 4g for those. But 
thank god I remember to load videos into my ipad, ipod and both my samsung phones.
Super Kiasu!
But it's always good to be well-prepared than panic when things happen, especially with kids.

Love my bucket bag so much.
Big and spacious to put all my barangs and what my kids will need in it.
And my new ripped skinny from ZARA!

A stop to use the washroom after 3 hours.
Kaylene bought an ice-cream....

She also bought a lollipop and it's so sour
 (or is it she acting.) haha!

Kayliss sleeping soundly in my arms...

Soooo convenient to have this device with me!!
Wifi on the go :)
Thanks to my uncle for lending his to me....
( Reception is good but only lousy at Genting. Super lag! )

Kaylene insisted to bring her teddy along.. and taking good care of it.

Kaylene is so in love with my uncle's son, Maeson.

My helper decided to add on a cute beanie for Kayliss as she has so little hair and she's scare she'll catch a cold.

My fatty mum at the back of the bus.

Reached Genting after a 6 hours bus ride!
Like finally :)

Checking in time shortened as my parents has already registered before we left for Genting, and they just auto checked in after we reached.

Reached at about 2pm and a selfie before leaving the room for our lunch!

Love it when Kaylene smile :)
Had lunch and no photos as we are all too hungry to wait.
And we went to shop around after eating.

Kaylene is now 25kg :)

Kaylene helping my aunt with her Mcm bag in and she looks so cute with it.

Asked for Ice-cream and she has it.

So cute!!

So difficult to get the kids to cooperate and look at the camera, especially Kayliss

Decided to go back to the room and rest while the adults went to Casino.
I don't gamble. 
And cannot leave my kids alone with helper la.
So we went back to the room to chill :)

Head to meet my parents, uncle and his friends for dinner after they're done at Casino.

Mushroom Farm for dinner.

Waited for awhile as the Q is pretty long.

Food is really good!

Photos taking after dinner.

We had a really great day :)
Don't find Genting as chilling as it used to be.. Or maybe it's because now that I am fatter and can tahan the cold more.

Starbucks doughnut for supper.

And my hot caramel drink.
Before I fell asleep without finishing it...
I think I only had a sip, left it on the table and I fell asleep while latching Kayliss.
>.<  too tired liao.

Will continue with Day 2 in my next post :)

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