Saturday, 21 March 2015

Short Trip to Malaysia. Day 2 & 3.

Day 2
My plan... is to wake up at around 9am, have breakfast and bring my kids to take the car rides.
BUT, by the time we woke up, it's already 11am.
I fell asleep while latching Kayliss, but woke up at around 2am and Kayliss woke up too.
She was having fun with the switches and was so noisy.
Actually we were supposed to have our own rooms but I requested to bunk in with my parents because I am afraid of sleeping alone.
I just feel more safe with my parents.
Feel bad for my parents because they're resting and Kayliss is making noise.
But they didn't complain at all.
Love my parents so much!

Before getting the tickets for the car rides.

Outdoor theme park is close. Thus only a few indoor activites for the kids to play.

Our tags,
Minus Kayliss as she is below the height limit of needing one.

Walking to have breakfast....

So cute :)

Kayliss is hungry too!

My heavy breakfast.

Kaylene already had cereal before we head out for breakfast..
I am afraid that she might not get used to outside food ( different taste ), thus I got cereal prepared for her.
She did eat quite well, thought not much.

As for Kayliss, I already latched her before we leave the hotel room.

Kaylene loves Maeson so much :)
She kept saying that Maeson has so much hair, where-as Kayliss only has one strand of hair (botak). 

Kayliss keeping herself entertained while her kaka takes care of Maeson.

 & Kaylene got herself a new bag!

 It's so cute!
Only cost Rm100...

After breakfast, it's time for the kids to play :)
Before we leave the hotel room, I told Kaylene that we got to wait for her ah gong ah ma to be done with their things before we go for ours, and I do not want to see her throwing her tantrum if we got to wait for slightly longer.
And I am glad she listened :)

Kaylene taking care of Kayliss :)

My happy Kaylene :) 


So glad that Kayliss enjoyed herself too,
Thought she'll be scare, like the first time she did when we went for the ride at Hong Bao River 2015.
But she didn't,
Instead, she is willing to sit on the ride and even smiled throughout the ride :)

Indoor arcade.

My uncle helping Kaylene with the spining of Wheel.
Didn't win anything though.

Look how my uncle is helping Kayliss with the race. haha!

Walking back to the hotel, OTOT.

Kayliss fell asleep....

I really really love my new camera!
It makes me look like I have good skin ( which I don't! )... :)

Kayliss is so happy playing the rides :)

After she's done, we went shopping ( only Kaylene shopped ).

Head back to the hotel room to rest before going out to have dinner.

Kayliss napped for 4 hours straight as she stayed up late and woke up early..

Super boss. 


Helper went to get me doughnut from Starbucks and it's really good!!!
I was really hungry so I head out to packet KFC back to share with my helper before we have dinner with my parents...
My attire....
Tee and jeans with flats
Don't have to fuss about my dressing and comfortable to wear, especially when with kids!

And my kids having their meal.

Out to have dinner :)
Like finally!

& hot pot for dinner!

And off we went for Car rides again!

Seriously love my girls soo soo much!

And to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Didn't take much photos.. as I am pretty scare. I don't like the feeling it gave me!!
To think that Kaylene still said she wanted to go to the Haunted house...
My kids are braver than me la.

Street performer. LOL

Enjoying their ice-cream..

Went back to the hotel room to unload the shopping bags and then we head out again to the car rides.
As I promised Kaylene.

By the time we are done with the rides, it's already 1230am.
And there's only us on the rides.. haha!
And Kaylene is so well-behaved even though she's tired already. But she insisted to take the car rides and didn't whine at all.
( which is what she usually does when she's tired. )
Walked back to the hotel room, cleaned up, brushed teeth and she hit the sack. 
While this Kayliss, is still hyper at close to 1-2am.

Day 3 

Deposit our luggage before we go for our breakfast.

My mum and her huge ass phone. wahaha!

My rich lady!

My dad gave her money to spend but she saved it all til the last day of the trip.
While spending mine.

Waiting for bus back to Singapore.
Maeson is so cute!!

Kaylene helping my aunt out while she changes Maeson's diaper.
She closed her eyes because got KUKU bird.

6 hours of bus ride is really 
At first I was quite worried about Kayliss.
But thankfully she is quite well-behaved, watches her ipad, and didn't fuss, and sleep when she wants to.
And also because the bus is not full loaded, I don't feel that stress.
Just in case when Kayliss fusses...

Nursing on the go....

Pit-stop for a 20mins toilet break.

And we finally reached JB after 6 hours....
My uncle then drove us back to Singapore :)

And the traffic was mad crazy...
By the time we reached my mum's place, it's already closed to 12 MM.
Was sooo tired but need to get the kids to have their meals first before going back to our home, and waited for hubby to come pick us home at 1am.

I am really glad I brought my girls along for this short trip.
Even though it's quite boring since the outdoor theme park is closed, and only a few rides available for the kids.
Plus there's really nothing for people who don't gamble and the shops are not that many too.
But my girls are so happy and my parents are happy too, to spend more time with their grandchildren.
And because they're happy, I am happy too
Really hope to be able to travel more
( even though I am so afraid to travel via plane. ) with my family and parents.
Hopefully, just sisters-trip with my sister too.
Think so much when Kayliss is still breastfeeding and I can't go anywhere without her. LOL

Good night all :)

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