Sunday, 22 March 2015

Peppa Pig Activities at United Square 19.03.2015

 We only got home at around 1am after getting back from Msia... and I went to bed pretty "early" after settling the kids and putting them to bed...
By the time I woke up, 
it's closed to noon!
( Thank god for the school holidays! I don't have to wake up at 530am to prepare the 2 elder kids for school and I don't have to drive early in the morning! I also get to rest more since it's free time for the kids...
Except for the enrichment classes which they have to attend only in the evening. )

(helper took this photo when I was napping. )

I woke up to Kaylene finishing up her school homework, learnt her english and chinese spelling, and also practiced on the piano.
So proud of her for being so disciplined.
It's like she knows her priorities and do what she got to do :)

Head to United Square as I needed to go get something and Kaylene pointed this out.

Went to ask and realized that there's actually no performance for the Peppa Pig show,
only photo-taking.
We had to spend $50 to redeem for a pass, and has to Q one hour prior to the Meet & Greet. 
So we went to walk around first...

The display of the Peppa Pig toys.
Which Kaylene has almost all of it =/

Shopping for more :)

We spent more than $50 and thus we got to this pass,
which we can choose 2 out of the 5 activities.

Didn't want to wait in the long Q as we need to rush off for Kaylene's ballet class in another hour' time.
So I told Kaylene that we should just do the activities and she agreed to :)

Card Making.

The end product of her card.
Super cute!

Since Kayliss is too young to sit and do the activities, without causing a havoc. haha!
Helper took her to have Sogurt while waiting for us.

Sand Art.

Smiley girl, 
rushing to get the Sand work piece done ASAP as we only had an hour to be done with the 2 activities.
Not to mention we got to wait, Q and share with others.
But still, Kaylene is having a great time :)


After doing the activities, drove her to the ballet school for her ballet lessons.
And then we head to NTUC to do some groceries shopping.
She needs some ingredients for the fruit salad she needs to make for her school homework.

Got distracted to the books.. LOL

Stickers book!
 She is attracted to books with lots of colors, and especially when the books come with stickers.
Such a baby :p
Got to remind her our main purpose of going to NTUC and she got back to her groove.

Love her for always initiating to help.

Thought we're only supposed to get what we needed for the salad but end up, we bought so much more.

And that's my baby girl, who fell asleep during the car ride home.
( oh ya, I bought the mirror which allows me to see what Kayliss is doing via my rear view mirror...)

Back to Kaylene's piece of art.

Kaylene's buy for the day.

When my child is happy, I am happy too!

Was supposed to do the salad after we got home, but Kaylene got distracted to playing her new toys, while I just need to rest.
So we put it off til the next day!

Disposable gloves is much needed for hygiene purpose, reminded by Kaylene!

Ingredients before we start.

Her handwriting =/
Haha.. but can slowly improve.

My baby chef just for that 5 minutes.

Baby Kayliss is always curious with what her korkor and jiejie are doing...

The final product!
Look and taste good :)

Kaylene said she's not going to eat it as there're too many vegetables =/
So hubby & I showed our support by finishing the salad up.
Kayson wanted to join too, but he was not feeling very well that day. So we got him to rest while Kaylene did hers.
We had fun doing this... even though it's just mixing the ingredients together.
But Kaylene is so happy making it, as we got to make a trip to the groceries store to buy what is needed, wrote down the ingredients we bought, and her making the final product.
The process itself is fun!
More of these food making for sure...

Can't wait to get our new house, get an oven to do all the baking with my girl.
I am sure Kayson will be interested too since he loves to be in the kitchen, cooking for us.
Can't wait.

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