Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Little Pony at City Square Mall 20.03.2015

Otw to City Square Mall to watch the My Little Pony show!!
I know how much Kayliss loves MLP and I want her to be happy :)
So the night before she went to bed, I told her I will be bringing her to watch the MLP show and she's so happy!!
The next day, we head out to City Square Mall :)

We reached there about 1pm and there's already quite an amount of people there.

I know there'll be photo taking but you got to spend an amount of $50 and abv, to redeem the pass to the photo taking.
And only limited to 20(or 50), i can't remember.
But the thing is, I don't know whether the pass are all redeemed as we waited quite awhile for the taxi, thus we were about 5-10mins late to the Q for the pass.
And the information counter is not on level 1 (why ah?!), thus I do not want to take the risk of running up to realizing the passes are all redeemed, and running down to have no space for my kids to sit.
So I told Kaylene that we shall just watch the show.
Thankfully she didn't fuss :)

Got to keep themselves entertained for the 50 mins of waiting time :)
Not complaining since the show is free to watch,

While waiting for the show to start, Kaylene started to scroll through photos in my phone and saw the photo of Maeson.
She told me she misses him alot and can't wait to see him soon.

Still waiting and Kayliss needs her milk.
Need at the girl behind me, she's posing for me. haha!

Helper taking photos of Kayliss :)

Finally after the wait,
MLP appeared on stage :)

Look at the smile.... Priceless :)

I think it's worth Q-ing as the show performed is quite good.
The kids got to sing and dance along with it..
On-par with the Barney Show.
Most important, the ponies are so colorful, cute and pretty :)

After the show, Kaylene did some shopping with her own money.

She's dancing along to the music played :)

Walked around the mall and saw the cute cut out boards... 

 Kaylene wanted to ride the pony but the weather is seriously way too scorching hot to be waiting under the sun for the Q, and the ride.
So I told her next time :)

Took some photos,


Kaylene wants to join the Tea Party because Twilight Sparkle will be joining them for the Tea Party!
So I told her she can buy the toys she wanted..

Starting her shopping spree.. haha!

Very happy!

We have about an hour to spare so we walked around the mall.

The kids had their snack for tea time..

Before we head for the Tea party :)

Both Kays enjoying coloring while waiting for Twilight Sparkle!

Here comes Twilight Sparkle!!
( I think I am just as excited as my kids. haha! ) 

Even Kayliss is so happy to see Twilight Sparkle!

She doesn't bear to let her go, Kept wanting to hug her!
 The Tea Party is about 30mins..
Kids did coloring, had the cake & milo which is provided, and had fun mingling with Twilight Sparkle 
Kaylene is super happy as she got to buy toys, and also get to take photos with Twilight Sparkle.
( I actually don't know the names of the ponies, but now I know. After "chasing" MLP with her. 

Took a train to NEX (which is only a few stops away) to have dinner and do some light shopping.
And Kaylene requested for a cupcake.

Also had dinner before we went home.

And after dinner and shopping for what I want,
we took a bus home!
Kaylene still happy after a long day out!
I am super happy knowing that she's happy.
Actually I am scare to go for these shows..
Because there's always many people, alot of noise, there's always a Q and you never know what will happen.
But I told myself I need to let my kids go and enjoy themselves.
I got to take it easy..
And I am glad I did brought the girls..
Looking back at the photos, they looked and are so happy!

And after putting the kids to bed last night,
( After her ballet open house
A super proud mum just looking at her dance!!!

a very hearty dinner at my mum's place!

 More photos but my parents' friends are around and I paiseh to take photos of the food closer to them.)

I found this note on my TV console....

She's the sweeetest :)

I am super tired out during the March holidays.
Shouldn't holidays be relaxing one meh?!
But I am glad I pushed myself through all that laziness and brought my kids out.
I can't emphasis how happy my kids are, especially Kaylene.
Kayson was either with my MIL at her office, and the next few days, he was home resting as he's not feeling well.
Now that he's older, he prefers to stay home and do his own things.
As he always say
"Girls are so noisy!" 
Wahaha... as our house is full of ladies.
But we did spent time together at home 

I also managed to sneak out of the house for an hour to spend time with my sis 

My fulfilling March holidays!

School will starts tomorrow and I am already looking forward to the June Holidays.

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