Sunday, 8 March 2015

Great Saturday :)

Media preview of the Disney movie....Cinderella!!!

I was invited by Gushcloud to catch the Cinderella movie, with some of the Gushcloud family members :)
Kaylene is the most excited as she is one huge Disney Princesses fan!
I don't know much about Disney movies and the Princesses because I don't get to watch any Disney movies when I was younger... 
Kaylene is the one who introduced Disney Princesses to me by always telling me to get the toys of them. haha!

My happy pie :)

She is so excited to see the Glass shoe which is featured in the Cinderella movie.
Swarovski partnered with Disney for making the famous shoe, using cristal.
It's really gorgeous :)

Kaylene's OOTD :)

Kaylene posing with the cutout board of the gorgeous carriage.

And Kaylene insisted that I pose with it too.

There is a small LIVE band playing during the cocktail session...

Kaylene posing with the gorgeous princess!

I know I look fat compared to the skinny models, but they are so gorgeous and Kaylene look so happy..

During the wait, there are also dancers dancing Ballroom dance.

Kaylene is so engrossed watching the dance.

After close to 2 hours of wait,
(we reached really early) we finally get to be seated for the movie!

I got to say, the movie is GREAT!!
Lily James acted really well as Cinderella &
Richard Madden is really... Prince Charming!
He is really charming and I feel so shy looking into his eyes even though he's on screen. haha!
The two step-sisters despite being mean, they're  kinda cute and hilarious.
The evil step mother portrayed herself really well as someone who abused and ill-treated Cinderella because she is evil, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella's charm and beauty.
And Cinderella, who remained Kind, and Gentle, despite all that had happened to her,
The passing of her beloved Mother, and Father, and being ill-treated by her step-mother and sisters...
She had always remember her Mother's Last Words.
She believed that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true.
And it did :)
The fairy tale ending of Disney movies makes me believe in genuine true love,
Even though it might be harder to achieve in real life.
I highly recommend this movie!!

Oh ya, I forgot to mention.
There is also a short clip of the Frozen Fever!!

Continuing from the movie Frozen..
Even thought it's a quite a short clip, it kept Kaylene entertained and she was glued to the screen. haha!

You can get the movie tickets at
Golden Village > Cinderella 
Shaw > Cinderlla


Great company and a Great movie makes a Great Saturday Night.

Thank you Gushcloud for the invitation :)

"Maybe life is not a fairy tale and there might be no happily ever after, 
But you must always have courage, and be kind.

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