Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Driving with a Toddler.... Safe :)

I have been wanting to blog about this but have been putting it off due to my busy schedule.
Now that I am slightly more free, I have more time to work on my blog 

Hubby bought this Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat ( in Carrot Cake Orange ) 
in August year 2013.
We received a Mothercare voucher from Kayliss 1st month celebration and the 1st thing hubby said to get is a car seat for Kayliss..
Which I find it really strange because, I can say we rarely use the car seat (with my 2 elder kids) as we are driving a 4 seater, and with more than 4 members at home.
I do not have a car of my own thus,we always have to squeeze in the car
>.< and it is most convenient to carry the baby in our arms.
But now, I gotta say, it is one of our best buy for Kayliss :)

He chose this >

Kayliss when she first have her butt warmed in her newly car seat. haha!

4 months old and looking so chubby :)
We did use the car seat for a short period of time, but I got sick of having to take the car seat in and out of the car since I am sharing the car and each time I do that, I got to adjust the belt and etc..
Not to say I sweat a bucket when trying to adjust the seat belt.
And most importantly, Kayliss hates to be in it and cried so much when she's in it.
All those.. just made me said "Forget it!" and removed the car seat.
So most of the time, my helper will be carrying her in her arms when I drive.
I know I shouldn't be giving any excuses and I mustn't.
You can say you will drive safe and be safe on the road, BUT you will never know when accidents happen... 
I really cannot imagine the consequences of the child not being buckled in their car seats when accidents happened.
So I have the car seat belted in the car, for good!
And now that Kayliss is older... she doesn't fuss that much..
I also prepared
1) A storybook
2) An Ipad 
to keep her entertain during the car ride.
And most of the time, my helper will be in the car with her and she'll give her apples to munch on.

Very ganchiong to watch ipad and doesn't want to pose for me liao. haha!

And soundly asleep in her car seat after we're home.

I got the car seat changed to rear facing after reading this article posted by a nice mummy.

My baby girl :)

Enjoying the car ride... in her car seat.
(helper took these photos while I was driving.)

And eventually fell asleep...
Now putting her in her car seat, is a breeze.
She is used to sitting in her car seat.
Whenever I carry her out to the car, she knows that she has to be in it  by pointing at it.
It might be very distracting to drive when your child is struggling and crying in the car seat at first, but trust me, he/she'll eventually get used to it.
Of course in between all that, we mummies got to remain calm and not get distracted. 
Just sing :)
Always remember that Safety is the most important!!
So now even when our whole family need to travel out,
Hubby driving, his mum in the passenger seat, me, 2 elder kids and helper squeezing in the back seat, I still insist Kayliss to be in her child seat.
Don't take any chances to put your kids in danger.

Drive safe All :)

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