Friday, 12 December 2014

Shop at Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb :)

Hi all :)
I have been looking for matchy matchy apparels to match with my girls but sadly, I haven been able to find any, unless I get them custom made.
Can't contain my excitement when I know about Glitter Glam

Located at :
Habourfront Centre 
1 Maritime Square #02-110
Singapore 099253

It's a home-grown brand which have apparels of good quality and, excellent fit and provide comfort for women for any occassion.
 Glitter Glam and Mary Had A Little Lamb ( which started out on Mothers' Day 13) collaborate to produce the mother-and-child collection, 
With the mother looking chic, the girls will be able to match their outfits too.

At the store....
Cleaned, and apparels neatly hanged :)

Offering many designs of apparels for both mummies, and girls :)

Kaylene choosing the outfit from the many designs.

Kayliss looking all happy!!

I love the cheery colorful dresses!

Kaylene had a fun time choosing the dresses & trying them on...

and she picked this to bring home :)

Kaylene is very picky when it comes to the apparels she wear.
She is always wearing the same few apparels because...  she WILL NOT wear the apparels which make her feel uncomfortable!!
She has so many new dresses but no matter how I try/FORCE her to, she will not wear them after trying. 
And the length, it must be just slightly at her knee around.
It's really a headache for me to buy apparels for her.
But surprisingly, at Glitter Glam, I didn't hear her whine at all when trying the dresses.
The staff gave her the right size with some allowance after looking at her build
(which is really helpful because I don't think she'll want to try dresses after if it's tight on her)
and she kept looking at the mirror after wearing it. 

After Kaylene has chose hers, I then got the same exact piece in adult size :)
That's what I like about Glitter Glam, I don't have to worry about not being able to match my apparels with my girls.
They even have size for Kayliss!

Ust trying out the pretty vibrant dress... :)
After trying on the dress, I finally understand why Kaylene didn't whine at all.
The dress is really made of good material and feels so smooth....
It also provides excellent fit!

Can't wait and we wore it out few days after getting it.

Kayliss is very fair thus she always look "exposed" in photos under natural sunlight.

When you feel pretty wearing pretty comfortable dresses,
you take LOTS OF PHOTOS :)

My pretty happy Kaylene :)

My girls and I had a fun day out :)
A big factor also comes from the comfortable dresses from Glitter Glam...
With the clothes you put on, with pretty design, good fit and of good material, I think it just makes your day 99% better. At least for me, and my girls!
And I can trust on Glitter Glam for that!

You can check them out at 

And their website at

My girls & I will definitely be donning more of the apparels from Glitter Glam!
Happy shopping :)

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