Saturday, 20 December 2014


So bad with updating my blog..
But bear with me ok?
School Holidays has make me even busier than usual.. And also, the kids bed schedule is all messed up now... haha.
Can't blame them because I allowed them to stay up late that ONE NIGHT, and since then, they don't go to bed at their usual bed time liao.

Just came home from..
 211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8, #01-11/15, 310211
6353 3120

Been craving badly for crabs!!
Hinting hubby and he finally took me and the family there :)
Even thought it's a SAT night, I'm surprise that we only have to Q for only 5 mins?
 I love it when I don't have to Q for a long time for food.
Too hungry to wait la!
We took the seats upstairs ( have to pay additiona 5% for the aircon ) but we don't mind, 
as long as our kids can eat in comfort :)
It's our first time taking the table upstairs.
It isn't stuffy nor smelly (like the oily food smell)... which is a plus plus!
I hate it when I smell of food when I leave the place.
So yeah....

The must order >

Butter Crab.
My kids, esp Kayson, loves to dip the mantou with the sauce..
It's super good!

2X a plate of 10 mantous.
(and I da bao an additonal of 5 mantou to bring home. haha!)

Crabs Bee Hoon!

Just drooling......

Since Kaylene doesn't eat much these days, 
it's good for her to have something soupy and easy to eat.

 Usually we don't order this, because kids don't take chilli.
But I requested for it this time.
Chilli Crabs 
Lucky I have my helper to share it with me :)

We also ordered a Tofu dish but the kids are too hungry to wait.. haha!  

Poor Kayson isn't feeling well as his throat is kinda hurting... But look at how sweet he is, to help me with the bee hoon when I was busy with my crabs :)

And when we're done eating, Kayliss woke up from her nap.
So she only got to drink the Iced water-chestnut.

(as usual, she looks "exposed" because she is very fair.)

My helper, but also my friend :)
Ok la. At least we get to eat in peace when she naps.
She's really different from my 2 elder kids, and super expressive!
She will literally SCREAMS at the top of her lungs for things she wants.... And I'm not joking.
You will not want to have to experience that.
Many times I don't know how to handle the situation because my 2 elder kids have never done that when they're young..
All I can do is get my helper to carry her away.
Just hoping this is just a phase.

Thank you hubby for always bringing me( and sometimes DA BAO) the food I crave for :) 

Hair :
Finally got down to AIR SALON to get my hair done.
My hair grows really fast and I think I was about a month past my previous hair dye.

The rainy weather makes me really sleepy, and the air-con in the salon, makes me wanna sleep even more. haha!

Have few inches of my hair chopped off..
Not heartpain at all since my hair grows fast.
But I still do not have the courage to have my hair cut short....
My nice hairstylist got my hair curled since I came out alone and decided to go for light shopping after this..
So he made me pretty pretty.. haha!


I love it :)

Good pretty hair = good hair day = taking tons of photos.

Thank you Air Salon for always giving me effortless pretty hair :)


Nails :
Also, I went to get my nails done on Thurday!
Thanks Adelin for always accommodating to my schedule..
I'm always thankful :)
And her skill.... is superb!

Here are my gelish nails, exactly one month after getting it done!
I don't know about others, but my gelish nails has never last me more than 2 weeks because I am very CHOR LOR, and handling my baby.
And it only do after Adelin...
Bear in mind that I bath my baby everyday and yet, my nails are still perfect.

I have nothing to complain, except for the length of it lor.
I can't stand it when my nails grow too long, too long for me to handle.
If not because of the length, I will not bear to have it removed.
Isn't it too pretty...

And here,
my new set of nails.
It love clean and simple it is for everyday, yet it also sparkles for any occasions :)

I can only trust Adelin when it comes to my nails.
Do check her page out, you won't be disappointed.


Bag : 
My current Fav Bag :)

This Bucket Bag in Large is really my ideal bag!
I have been using it almost everyday ever since I got it.
Made of really good quality with a good weight, spacious for me to have all my barangs, and it's black, with red interior!

You got to own it to know what I'm talking about!

Remember this short video which I posted at my Instagram regarding the Gushcloud Christmas Video?

The Christmas Video is now out :)

Can't believe Christmas is just 5 days away....

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, stay safe during your shopping trips and have a joyous celebration for this Christmas
Good night!

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