Thursday, 11 December 2014

Big Dreams... Starts Small :)

When I was young, I dreamed of being a teacher, a lawyer, a flight attendant and a doctor…
 And today, none of those I've mentioned came true. Haha! 

It is easy to dream about what you want to be in future but having it come true it is definitely challenging. Moreover, in life we might face many life changing factors that could possibly be an obstruction for us to reach our dreams. 

As time goes by, I grew older and wiser. However, with that, my childhood dreams also drifted away from me. 

Even though I am already a mother of 3,
there are still some dreams I want to pursue….
Giving a good thought through my dreams, other than having the love for children,  I also have a huge passion for make-up. Hence, this makes me consider pursuing my dream as a professional make-up artist instead!

My elder 2 children also have their own dreams!
Kayson, wants to be a Pilot when he grow up so he can fly to other countries to explore and meet people from all around of the world. There was once he told me that he must protect his perfect eye-sight in order to be a pilot next time.
As for Kaylene, she wants to be a teacher because she admires her teacher at school and she loves the respect that students give to her teacher. I think it is mainly also because she thinks she can earn lots of money from that too. Haha!

No matter how small or big their dreams can be, I will still give them the needed encouragement. 
It’s good for people to have dreams, to have something to work hard for, to achieve what they want to be in life! No matter what age you are at….It’s never too late to dream big!

Now, are you living your dream? Are you doing what you like?  Or have you already lost the drive to work towards your dream?
Well, jobsDB wants to remind you it’s never too late to Dream Big! 
And how do you think they’re going to do this? 
By tapping on our little ones to inspire us of course!:)

From 4 Dec 2014 ,0000 hours– 17 Dec 2014, 2359 hours, jobsDB is having a contest. 
The aim of this contest is to create an inspiration board of the exciting (and sometimes funny) big dreams that our little ones have! 
We will need YOU to help create that board and possibly…encourage someone out there to take that step to following their dreams!:)

What you stand to win:
You will stand a chance to win the grand prize of $3,000 travel voucher to a destination of your choice or one of 10 sets of movie vouchers. 

How you can take part:
> Follow @jobsdb_singapore on Instagram to qualify.

> Take a video of a 3 to 12  years old child 
(can also be your sibling, cousin, nephew or niece)
 to share what they want to be when they grow up and why. 

> Upload it to Instagram and hashtag #jobsDBDreamBig. 

> Get all your friends and family members to “LIKE” your post! 
(The winning post will be selected based on the MOST likes on Instagram!) 

> Remember to set your profile to public viewing so that we can see your post!

Do take note:
Winners will be announced on jobsDB’s Facebook page and Instagram account. 
There is no limit to the number of entries each participant can submit

For more info:
o Instagram: @jobsdb_singapore
o Website:
o Contest microsite:

Good luck and have fun!
: )

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