Friday, 24 October 2014

My "NEW" Tattoo .......

***I know not everyone is into TATTOOs.
So if you are one who are not, and one who will and might get offended,
just stop reading.***

When I was younger,
Really young, before the age I can call myself an adult.
I wanna have tattoos because I saw my peers having it,
and I'm like
And the thing is, when you are too young to make decisions for yourself,
you just go with what other told you.
And that was what I did.
I don't know what got into me then, because the tattoo that was done,
was not what I really like.
I don't even like it.
Because I was RUSHED into doing it...
I end up having to live with it,
for the rest of my life!

I hated it.
Whenever I wanna dress up, I make sure it's covered.
I am conscious of it because I hated it.
Throughout the years, I know I wanted to get it done up nicely.
But I never have the courage to.
I procrastinated and procrastinated....

Until one day,
I was on my bed ... thinking about the things that I have yet to achieve in life, and the things I badly wanna change...
My tattoo came first into my mind!
I decided to wait no more.
I Google for tattoo artists and their art pieces,knowing clearly what style I want...

Found a female tattoo artist,
told her what size I wanted,
 and the kind of style I want my tattoo to be......
I also Google for some art pieces and sent it to her...
So after a few msges,
She came up with this for me!

I love it right away!!

What it's like on my body before the Ink session starts.

My friend came along with me,
to give me moral support and helped me to take photos and videos :)

And after 3 hours
 I am really happy with it!
Like finally, I got it done up,
and it's pretty!
I have another session to go, to color the tattoo up.

My kids asked me,
 why I want to get tattoos done.
I told them when I was younger, I didn't know what I was doing and I regretted it.
I can't turn bk to erase it, except to laser it, or go bigger.
And I told them,
Tattoo is forever. Once it's done, it's done.
You can only Laser it (painful and scarring), or go bigger (painful)... So must always always think wisely....
I know they might not understand now,
But I will make sure I guide them along in life.. to not make the same mistakes which I made.
Whatever it is,
I am still the 24/7 mummy to them

If you are wondering who my tattoo artist is,

Can't wait to start the next session
(excited and scare),
& I can't wait to see how the finished piece will look like.


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