Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Fav.Double eyelids stickers :)

Hello all :)
I'm back to update you with my absolute fav. double eyelids stickers :)
(I have many photos in my external hard disk but sadly, I have yet to be able to access to it. So I have to extract some from my social media platforms and the resolution of the photos are not very good. So bear with me...)

I am born with single, monolids.
Sometimes my eyelids are single, sometimes they become mono, 
and then sometimes, they become triple lids.
My eyelids have their own say on what they wanna be.
I am not daring enough to go under the knife for any cosmetics surgery as I know once it's done, 
there's nothing I can do to revert back.
Unless I continue to do to correct it.
Just like tattoo.....
(which now I'm adding on more designs to cover up the old tattoo)
So in-order to have them go according to the lids that I want, I have to rely on double eyelids stickers.

I have tried many different kinds of double eyelids stickers,
single side, double sided,
Even this highly raved one>
(IMO, this makes my barely there monolids hidden, and made my eyes look smaller).

One day,
I went window shopping at DAISO, and came out with these.
Usually from DAISO, 
I will go to the double eyelids stickers & fake lashes section to see see look look and buy some to try...
If it's good, I will go back for more.
If not, it's just $2.

These 2 double eyelids stickers are AMAZING!!!
(sorry no more photos of how the eyelids stickers look like for this packaging as I have already used them all up)

I have never come across one which will stay on my eyelids the whole freaking day, 
and still be on my eyelids even after I remove my eyes make up with oil based remover, and after washing my face.

I've just opened this pink packaging and this is how the stickers look like.
It's single side.

On my eyelids,
it's barely visible..... 
I really really really love it.
The only downside is, once you try to adjust the eyelids stickers after you have them stick on, they become visible, and not that sticky anymore to give the support the height of your eyelids.
HATE myself for not getting more then. 
Now I can't manage to find it at the DAISO outlets I went to 

I have shared my fav double eyelids stickers with you!
Hope you'll be able to find it, 
&love it as much as I do.

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