Friday, 19 September 2014

Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE....

Hello all my readers : )
I am back, with more of what I have experienced with my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE…
As always, I am constantly taking photos of my kids!
I definitely need a camera, or I’d say camera smartphone, which I can use to 

Check my texts and social media platforms,

And most importantly, TAKE PHOTOS!

Not just any phone cameras, but a good one with optical image stabilisation!
And it is what Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE has!
It has Optical Imagine Stabiliser (OIS), which reduces the blurness when taking photos.
I believe most parents can relate to me.
With a toddler of 16 months old, it’s difficult to take still photos of Kayliss. 
She’s moving like every second! LOL
Here’s what I managed to snap with my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE.

Look at how clear the photos are … (not with the Continuous Mode, but one snap per photo)

Here’s one photo of Kayliss scratching my hand for me..

With and without flash… still clear! 

I am really surprised by how clear the photos are taken with my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE.
With my current smartphone camera, most of the photos turn out blur because by the time my camera is able to focus, Kayliss has already moved.
But my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE’s camera has never failed me : )

Another mode, which I am still testing out, is the Pro Suggest Mode.

Depending on the objects that you click on and the camera detects, there will be a variety of smart filters or films for you to choose from…

And for this photo, I was automatically given 5 filters to choose from!
I chose the Halogen Lighting!
The photo has more warmth lighting,and the colours of the photo look more vibrant. Really like it!
What’s more, you can also download more of these films at the Pro Suggest Market pre-installed in the GALAXY K zoom LTE.

Last but not least, the 10x Optical Zoom!
I was testing it out and was really WOWed by it.
Look at how clear the photos are….

I was queuing for a ride with Kaylene a distance away from Kayson and Kayliss , and decided to try the 10X Optical Zoom to take photos of the them!
I used 8x Optical Zoom, and my kids are moving...
But look at the photos,
they are still so clear!

After seeing the photos which I have taken with the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE, I know it definitely cannot leave my sight from now on.
I want to be able to have it in my hands, to snap the precious moments in my life.

Thank you Samsung for sponsoring me with the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE : )

*Sponsored Advertorial by Samsung Asia Pte Ltd*

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