Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum....

Hello my dear readers : )
I am back to review more about the Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum that I’ve been using on my hair for the recent 2 months!
Infused with both Almond oil and Coconut oil, the combination of these 2 wonderful ingredients creates really smooth, shiny and glossy hair in the sunny hot Singapore!
I guess everyone wants to wake up to beautiful tame hair, at least for me!
When I said
“Every night I go to bed worrying if I’ll wake up to messy, dry and “disobedient” hair which don’t tame despite trying to comb it through/style it, and because of that, I’ll have to think which position to sleep so that I won’t mess up the hair which I took time to comb and style so that I can wake up to manageable hair, at least. “
I am serious!!

That’s how important my hair is to me! 
With manageable and healthy hair, it’ll save me so much time when it comes to styling them. 
Most of the time, I just need to : 
1) Three pumps of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum  
2) Smooth it through my wet hair
And I can be out of the door!
(or you can choose to blow dry your hair first before applying, or do so after applying, which ever suits you)

I’ll show you the 2 ways I use my Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum.
1st  method:
I use it after bathing (hair bun up) and after doing my face make up.
(Sometimes I just leave the house with my hair wet, and I look horrible after my hair is dry!!! Hair looking all dry and frizzy!
Or I will wash my hair at night, and go to bed with semi-dry hair, then wake up to messy frizzy hair
I just look ugly with unmanageable hair!!)

Here to rescue me, and my dry drizzy hair>
Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum!

All I need is about three pumps for my long hair.

Smooth the Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum through my hair.

And Tada…..
I am ready to go.

I do not have to worry about my hair being dry and frizzy looking EVEN THOUGH I did not blow dry my hair before leaving the house!
my hair looks so smooth and shiny even after it’s dry!

A clearer photo : )
(please note that I did not do any rebonding nor hair treatment prior to using Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum)
I really like how nourishing it is for my hair, making it really smooth and looking shiny. 
And most importantly, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy & doesn’t weigh down my hair!
Which most hair serums do, and I hate it when they make my hair looks flat because of the “extra weight” from the serum. 
So it’s ++++ bonus for Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum! 

How my hair looks after 4 hours  : )
Still pretty good! 

Close up of the ends of my hair…….

2nd method:
And how I use Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum when I am rushing for time, with no extra time to shower……
Messy hair
(how my hair really looks like after I put down my hair from bunning)>>>

To healthy looking hair 
(with absolutely no styling prior)>>>

And how my hair looks like at 9pm.
Hair doesn’t look as perfect as it is during the day but it didn’t fail me at all!
As my hair doesn’t look flat and doesn’t feel greasy….

Not to mention it’s so compact and I can slip it into any of my bags.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dove Nourishing Oil Care serum : )
Thank you DOVE for this great serum, giving my hair the nutrients and shine it needs!

: )

*Product mentioned is sponsored by DOVE. I only recommend what I think is good for me, 
and will be good for my readers too*

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