Friday, 15 August 2014

Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE.

Taking photos has been a part of my life ever since I became a mum. 
I always want to make sure (or at least I tried to) to have every moment of my kids captured! Having a smartphone with the normal camera feature is definitely the most accessible and convenient! But the thing is, the resolution of it is not as good as I expected it to be. I own a DSLR but it’s too bulky for me to carry around with, especially having to carry a 14-months-old girl and a heavy diaper bag. And also, I can’t share the photos on the go…. 
Thus, I need a smartphone, with a really good built-in camera!

 Retailing at SGD$798 (without contract), there are 3 colours available (electric BLUE, charcoal BLACK, shimmery WHITE). 
I chose the electric BLUE because I love how striking and vivid the colour is, which I’m sure I won’t have to dig into my bag just to find between all the blacks. Light and slim at only 20.2mm, yet it comes with a retractable 10X optical zoom lens! With a 20.7MP BSI CMOS Sensor, it snaps crystal clear shots with beautiful colours and with a powerful Xenon flash. Also with the Android™ 4.4 (Kit Kat) platform, everything will work seamlessly! 
I’m really excited to try this smartphone out!

The grip for this phone is comfortable!
 Not too huge that I can’t hold it comfortably with one hand.
Now let’s go into the different features of the camera-specialised smartphonephone. 
The Camera app is the most important to me as like what I’ve said, I am constantly taking photos of my kids, and many random other things. 
With 28 Smart Modes to choose from, you can choose whatever suits you best for the shoot.

I have tried:

>Kids shot

What’s so cool about this Kids shot mode is there are a few sounds for you to choose from, to attract the attention of the child..

>Selfie Alarm 
( which takes 3 shots automatically with Beauty Mode after you’ve touched the screen to set where you wanna appear in the shot )
It's really cool!

Chose this out from the 3 shots taken : )

>Beauty Face mode 
( with the front camera )

In the moving car......

I really love how clear my selfie look taken with the front camera!

>Continuous Shot
I really love this mode as with just one click, it snaps 30 photos at one go! 
Perfect for mummies who wanna snap photos of their active ones, like me!!!
(posting just 5 for now)

>Food mode
Trying this Food mode out before digging in to the yummy dinner!

The resolution of the photos is so clear and vivid in colours! It makes the food look even yummier and totally picture perfect to be uploaded to my social media platforms!

I am still trying out different modes from my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE and I’ll be updating the photos of the other modes I have tried in the next blog post : )

Most of the time I’m just using AUTO mode.
Just look at how beautiful this photo is using the Auto mode!
I can never ever take a photo which looks this good with my current smartphone! 
With the 20.7MP back camera, I have to say I’m sold! 

With a unique AF/AE Separation (Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure) Feature, 
I can drag the arrow to select my desired exposure point!

 And the photo which I snapped! 
The resolution of the photo is comparable to my Digi-camera!!!

Here’s a photo my son took of me with the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE camera flash, 
which uses a special Xenon Flash. 
It is brighter and travels further than LEDs which most smartphones use.
He’s quite a distance away from me when taking this photo and I’m surprise that the photo didn’t turn out dim! : )

I am now confident to say that I can leave home without my bulky Digi-camera, and with just the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE!

Before I end this blog post, I wanna feature this APP!

With the Kids Mode on, I can limit the device usage time and also set the apps which I have added while setting up this mode for Kayliss. 

I can also add videos for Kayliss to watch : )

And the other cool features in this Kids Mode.

I can let Kayliss draw, sing, and take photos. (training her to take photos of me, haha!) 

And best of all, I do not need to worry about her exiting the Kids Mode and then deleting and moving my apps ( like what she’s doing to my previous smartphone! ) because……

She’ll need a pin to close this Kids Mode. HAHA!

For more info about the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE 

I’m seriously in love with my Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE and I bring it everywhere I go!

I’m definitely going to capture many more moments of my kids with it! 
Thank you Samsung for the gorgeous and great smartphone!!
: )

Product mentioned above is sponsored by Samsung Asia Pte Ltd.
I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.*

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