Sunday, 13 July 2014

HUGGIES Ultra Pants event @ Polliwog : )

Feel really privilege to be invited to the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event at Polliwog some time back : )

The helpful staff helping us with Kayliss’s tag to enter Polliwog.

Kayliss all ready to enter to have fun at the event!

HUGGIES Ultra Pants galore!!!

HUGGIES products for us to take a look at!

Being brief with info about HUGGIES Ultra Pants, HUGGIES products and the benefits of them!

Do you know that Huggies® Ultra Pants were tested* on more than 1,000 Asian babies to ensure a superior fit, keeping our little one as comfortable as possible while providing them with better leakage protection!
Now I know : )

Now that Kayliss is at toddler stage at 13 months old,
She is moving NON –STOP!!!
Curious with everything, wanting to touch and feel all the things around her!

Kayliss is like  “Who’s that? What’s that?”

And then she continues with her curiosity at this event…..

I think she’s telling me and people who are attending this HUGGIES event more about the HUGGIES Ultra Pants and her personal experience.


I got her to have some quiet time… to sit down and listen.

But she soon crawled off,  and unhappy having to be carried away..

Just have to touch everything!

And crawl around..

And look how happy she is!

After the brief, we got to get the kids to have a mini photoshoot, with cute props!

Kayliss obviously isn’t too happy to be restricted to the mat… haha!

Here are some photoshoot pictures of Kayliss that day… 

Which ones do you think look the cutest? : )

We also get to explore around Polliwog ( this is my 1st time there with my kids and it’s a good place for kids to burst their energy while parents get to relax and have some food at the cafeteria )

Kayliss interacting with people around her…

 Giving a good-bye Kiss…

Doing the sexy move… haha!

: )
Kayliss giving a goodbye kiss after the interview : )

And after the interview, Kayliss gets to explore Polliwog and had so much fun running around!

She’s so happy to be able to move freely!
Wearing the HUGGIES Ultra Pants with the flexible, stretchy waistband and sides that hug snugly on her : )

 We had such a fun great day at the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event at Polliwog.
I love how HUGGIES Ultra Pants makes diaper changing so much easier and quicker!
With the easy open sides make removal quick and easy. They are refastenable so I can adjust them to fit Kayliss’ botto. It also has superior absorbency that keeps Kayliss dry (even overnight), but is slim and flexible and won’t restrict Kayliss’s movement.
There is also a wetness indicator on the HUGGIES Ultra Pants which turns from yellow to blue, I’ll know when Kayliss needs a diaper change.
Which is awesome as I don’t have to keep stopping her from moving just to check if she has wet a diaper!
Most importantly,
HUGGIES Ultra Pants are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!
Which is a huge bonus when it comes to choosing a diaper for Kayliss….
I also believe it’s so for all mummies, as we don’t want our child to be suffering from diaper rash right?!

I get to know that usually leakage comes from choosing the wrong size of diapers for our little ones.
HUGGIES now has new sizes for their HUGGIES Ultra Pants so we can have a better idea and option of which size to get for our little ones and make sure their diaper wearing time is comfortable and will not restrict their movements to explore and experiment more in life : )

You can now request for Huggies sample pack first before purchasing!
Click here> Huggies sample pack 
Thank you HUGGIES for the cute Goodie Bag! 

And thanks Polliwog for having us at the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event : )

For more info about HUGGIES products
: )

Have a great day!!

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