Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Was invited to attend the SKIN INC event+party with GC ladies :)
(they are all so gorgerous, and I am the only auntie/mummy in the group lor!)

Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson RoadSingaporeSingapore

It's actually my 1st time attending event/party without my kids and I feel so uneasy.
I think I am too used to having them around me almost all the time.
I dropped the kids for their piano lesson and then rushed all the way to SO hotel, to end up going round and round as I couldn't find a parking lot!
Not to mention the traffic was crazy too because it's peak hour after work.
Thanks to the ZHOU sisters' reply, I parked at a building near by and walked over...

Taking selfies as I was too shy and to walk around and socialize with other bloggers.

My hair was crazy and I had a huge zit on my chin
it all don't matter because I got to meet the SONG SISTERS :)
 Even thought the photo is not very clear and I look crappy... but I am so happy la!!
Thanks Freda my manager for taking the photo for me!!

Pretty Shine!!!

 And I was basically on my seat the whole night, just looking around. And luckily my Mister came to accompany me :) after picking the kids up from Piano class and sending them back home!
I really am very thanful for all the help given!
It's really wonderful to be given help to take care of my 3 kids by someone who I trust :)

And here's my OOTN! 

And the pretty door gift!
Thanks Gushcloud, SKIN INC and Sofitel SO 

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