Wednesday, 16 July 2014

KLEENEX FSC, Small Changes To Save The World.

If you ask me whether I recycle items few years back? I will tell you I don't. I did not know much about recycling and didn't know what I can do to recycle. But things changed after I become a mum...
As my son grow older, he's being educated in school the importance of recycling, the importance of protecting and looking after the planet we are living in. He told me the importance of recycling and got me aware of what will happen to the Earth in future, if we don't do our part in protecting and taking care of the planet we are living it. And most importantly, he asked me if we wants him, people in his generation, and later, to be living in a polluted enviroment. This triggers me to really put myself forward in starting to take note of what I have been using and doing in my life, and see what I can do to make the planet a better place to live in.
I know some people will go " How big a difference can I make? When the world is so big?!" I said the same sentence too! But big changes start from small choices! My son told me, " At least one more person is doing their part in loving the Earth. and the person is you." :) Sounds cheesy, but it really motivates me to really start making changes in my life to start doing my part, to safeguard the environment for future generations!!

And also, I brought Kaylene to the library few days later because she wanted to borrow books. Concidentally, we chanced upon this book. Before I can say anything, Kaylene is already at the counter borrowing this book to read back home! 
Even Kaylene wanna do her part to look after the planet she is living in!

Just like me, she wanna do her part in looking after the planet we are living in. The very next day, she started to look out for paper material in the house which can be recycled, and placed them in a HUGE recycling bag! This is only part of the items being collected and we are still in the midst of filling it full....

It's so fulfilling to see the recycling bag filling up with items which can be recycle everyday!
We have also been doing the following:
To look out for recycling bins when we are out and dispose items which can be recycled into the  respective bins.
To use papers which is of no use to teach my kids,

In order not to waste water when brushing the teeth, we have the water in a cup and only refill when needed, and not leave the water running!

To only switch on the lights when we really need it, and off it when we don't need it.

To have the temperature of the aircon set at 24 degrees...
And I use the ECO mode each time I drive,
My family are doing our part to not waste any of the resources and to protect the Earth :)

And I am happier to know that KLEENEX, the brand that I trust and have been using has also been doing its part in protecting the EARTH! The products from KLEENEX are FSC certified! FSC, The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, non-profit organisation whose goal is to protect forests for future generations.

Kleenex wants to help Singaporeans understand how small changes can bring about long-term benefits for the environment, and this includes choosing a sustainable brand. To support Kleenex, you can start by taking a green pledge and making a wish for the environment via their Facebook app or roadshow!

For every 20 wishes collected,
Kleenex will support Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree Programme to plant a real tree in Singapore

And I have pledged :)
You can do so too here > KLEENEX FB
(ends 30th July 2014)
It really makes me feel great to be able to contribute in protecting and loving the Earth, and setting a good example for my kids to do so.
So do your part in protecting the EARTH for yourself, and the future generation!

Big changes start with small choices :)


Was invited to attend the SKIN INC event+party with GC ladies :)
(they are all so gorgerous, and I am the only auntie/mummy in the group lor!)

Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson RoadSingaporeSingapore

It's actually my 1st time attending event/party without my kids and I feel so uneasy.
I think I am too used to having them around me almost all the time.
I dropped the kids for their piano lesson and then rushed all the way to SO hotel, to end up going round and round as I couldn't find a parking lot!
Not to mention the traffic was crazy too because it's peak hour after work.
Thanks to the ZHOU sisters' reply, I parked at a building near by and walked over...

Taking selfies as I was too shy and to walk around and socialize with other bloggers.

My hair was crazy and I had a huge zit on my chin
it all don't matter because I got to meet the SONG SISTERS :)
 Even thought the photo is not very clear and I look crappy... but I am so happy la!!
Thanks Freda my manager for taking the photo for me!!

Pretty Shine!!!

 And I was basically on my seat the whole night, just looking around. And luckily my Mister came to accompany me :) after picking the kids up from Piano class and sending them back home!
I really am very thanful for all the help given!
It's really wonderful to be given help to take care of my 3 kids by someone who I trust :)

And here's my OOTN! 

And the pretty door gift!
Thanks Gushcloud, SKIN INC and Sofitel SO 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

SingTel Multiline :)

For someone who is always on the go, I want my mobile network connection, and mobile data to be always available. Sadly, my current mobile subscriber has failed me multiple times! I can't describe how disappointed and angry I feel when I urgently need to send an important email, SMU, or call to get things done but the connection completely failed me, sometimes half way through!
The worst part is when I can’t get the line through to call my kids when it's time for me to pick them up! Can you imagine the panic attack I get each time it happen to me?!
SingTel, however, has never once failed me when I used it in my teenage years! It's the first subscriber phone line that my mum subscribed for my usage. I remembered calling my friend to chit chat through the night, or sending multiple sms-es and it has never once got disconnected.....Was with SingTel for a good 2 years before I changed to another subscriber line.
I can't wait to switch back to SingTel once the plan for my current subscriber line is up.

Previously, SingTel only offers up to 25% discount off each mobile line when you sign up for 1 - 4 mobile lines with SingTel. But now, SingTel has this NEW, exciting deal that gives you up to 30% discount when you sign up for 5 mobile lines with them! Introducing the SingTel Multi-line discount!! 
It'll be so convenient to have my whole family using the same telecoms provider, and at the same time, being able to enjoy discount! 
To be eligible to enjoy this amazing offer, all you have to do is sign up to be a Fibre Entertainment Bundle customer! Simply sign up for a mobile line and nominate this line to enjoy the offer.

The more you get together, the more savings you get :)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

HUGGIES Ultra Pants event @ Polliwog : )

Feel really privilege to be invited to the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event at Polliwog some time back : )

The helpful staff helping us with Kayliss’s tag to enter Polliwog.

Kayliss all ready to enter to have fun at the event!

HUGGIES Ultra Pants galore!!!

HUGGIES products for us to take a look at!

Being brief with info about HUGGIES Ultra Pants, HUGGIES products and the benefits of them!

Do you know that Huggies® Ultra Pants were tested* on more than 1,000 Asian babies to ensure a superior fit, keeping our little one as comfortable as possible while providing them with better leakage protection!
Now I know : )

Now that Kayliss is at toddler stage at 13 months old,
She is moving NON –STOP!!!
Curious with everything, wanting to touch and feel all the things around her!

Kayliss is like  “Who’s that? What’s that?”

And then she continues with her curiosity at this event…..

I think she’s telling me and people who are attending this HUGGIES event more about the HUGGIES Ultra Pants and her personal experience.


I got her to have some quiet time… to sit down and listen.

But she soon crawled off,  and unhappy having to be carried away..

Just have to touch everything!

And crawl around..

And look how happy she is!

After the brief, we got to get the kids to have a mini photoshoot, with cute props!

Kayliss obviously isn’t too happy to be restricted to the mat… haha!

Here are some photoshoot pictures of Kayliss that day… 

Which ones do you think look the cutest? : )

We also get to explore around Polliwog ( this is my 1st time there with my kids and it’s a good place for kids to burst their energy while parents get to relax and have some food at the cafeteria )

Kayliss interacting with people around her…

 Giving a good-bye Kiss…

Doing the sexy move… haha!

: )
Kayliss giving a goodbye kiss after the interview : )

And after the interview, Kayliss gets to explore Polliwog and had so much fun running around!

She’s so happy to be able to move freely!
Wearing the HUGGIES Ultra Pants with the flexible, stretchy waistband and sides that hug snugly on her : )

 We had such a fun great day at the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event at Polliwog.
I love how HUGGIES Ultra Pants makes diaper changing so much easier and quicker!
With the easy open sides make removal quick and easy. They are refastenable so I can adjust them to fit Kayliss’ botto. It also has superior absorbency that keeps Kayliss dry (even overnight), but is slim and flexible and won’t restrict Kayliss’s movement.
There is also a wetness indicator on the HUGGIES Ultra Pants which turns from yellow to blue, I’ll know when Kayliss needs a diaper change.
Which is awesome as I don’t have to keep stopping her from moving just to check if she has wet a diaper!
Most importantly,
HUGGIES Ultra Pants are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!
Which is a huge bonus when it comes to choosing a diaper for Kayliss….
I also believe it’s so for all mummies, as we don’t want our child to be suffering from diaper rash right?!

I get to know that usually leakage comes from choosing the wrong size of diapers for our little ones.
HUGGIES now has new sizes for their HUGGIES Ultra Pants so we can have a better idea and option of which size to get for our little ones and make sure their diaper wearing time is comfortable and will not restrict their movements to explore and experiment more in life : )

You can now request for Huggies sample pack first before purchasing!
Click here> Huggies sample pack 
Thank you HUGGIES for the cute Goodie Bag! 

And thanks Polliwog for having us at the HUGGIES Ultra Pants event : )

For more info about HUGGIES products
: )

Have a great day!!