Sunday, 29 June 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction” With OREO :

I can’t contain my excitement when I know that my family and I were being invited and have the privilege to catch the premiere of Transformer: Age Of Extinction movie. If you remember a while back, I mentioned something about not being able to spend enough time as a family because of how busy Hubby and I are, with the kids being very involved with school activities that when we get home, we just want to sleep… However, we try as much as possible to fill our weekends with at least an activity that the family can do togther. So, other than staying home for a short baking session (making OREO Popcorn previously), going for a weekend movie is a quick way to bring the kids and parents together!

Speaking of the Transformers movie, My hubby especially, is a HUGE FAN of Transformers!
He has a collection of Transformers figurines and is always looking out for new designs. He loves Transformers so much that he didn’t mind queuing for the Transformers Ride at USS the first day it was opened, despite the fact that we really dislike long queues! We have watched the previous 3 series of the Transformers movie and have been waiting for the 4th one. Finally we are able to watch it : )

The OREO Booth…

: )

There was also a reception with complimentary food and drinks while we waited for the movie to start.

With the crowd who’s here to show support for the Transformer movie.

My family having some of the complimentary food provided before we go into the movie theatre for the 3 hours long movie!

With my 3 lovely kids : )

Waited for my hubby to come straight from work, and it’s time to head to the movie theatre to catch our movie!

A photo before we have our electronic devices switched off and phone to be on silent.

The 3 hours long Transformers: Age Of Extinction movie, is really fantastic!
We even had a goodie bag from OREO consisting a pack of Popcorn and a can of Coke for us to snack during the movie! All of us, including my 2 kids were so engrossed watching the movie that they didn’t disturb me at all; which is really good! (Parents who have kids will know that it’s not easy to have kids sit through the entire movie.) The movie had a really good and captivating story line amongst all the action! I love how even though it was action-packed, it was relateable to everyone, even Kaylene! I really enjoyed myself for being able to spend this time with them J

With Kaylene and Kayson so busy in school, even after spending half a day in school, they still have enrichment classes to go to, and by the time they get home they’re already so tired and just head to bed. These leave us little time to bring them out for a movie on a weekday because they will probably fall asleep in the cinema. This time, OREO provided us with an opportunity to bring them out on a weekday filled with surprises and fun, that brought all of us together and giving us the quality time to bond J I feel that the quality time extends even after the movie because it leaves us with a topic to talk about, be excited about and remember.

But now it’s the perfect time to bring them to the movie because it’s the June school holidays : )

Thank you OREO for the Yummlicious goodie bag…

& for providing me with the opportunity to spend quality time with my family!
We all had a really enjoyable night!
Once again, Thanks OREO : )

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