Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fun time with family… and OREO : )

Since both Kayson and Kaylene have started primary school,
we hardly have time to enjoy family “we” time, so we try to make it a point to do something together as a family on weekends when everyone has at least 1 “off”day, free form work, school or enrichment classes.
So just last weekend, the kids were home and I didn’t want to bring them out as the sun was being unforgiving,
I decided to spend the noon with the kids, making…..
OREO, the world’s favourite cookie, enjoyed by people all over the world!

Me and my kids are no exceptions : )
OREO is one of mine, and my kids’ favourite snacks…
Here are the ingredients needed!

-          1 serving of Popcorn from Jolly Time
-          ¾ bar of Cadbury White Chocolate
-          1 box of OREO Cookies
-          1 box of OREO Wafer

It’s so easy to do because the above mentioned items are easily accessible!

 OREO cookies in a bowl : )

First, we gotta crush the OREO cookies into tiny pieces.

Kaylene volunteered to help with this….
And she’s doing a great job!
It can get quite tiring to crush the cookies so she got me to help her with it for awhile….

While we were busy crushing the OREO cookies,
Kayson will be melting the Cadbury White Chocolate : )

Kids doing their job in the making of the OREO popcorn
Kaylene crushing the cookies while Kayson checking the instructions to make sure we got the steps right…
I raised my concern of him melting the Cadbury White Chocolate by the stove.
and he actually thought of a brilliant idea: To put the White Chocolate in a metal bowl and put it in a bowl of hot water to melt it.
He’s doing a really good job : )

On the other side, Kaylene decided to add more OREO, but with the chocolate wafer…
She is really a OREO lover!!!

Lots of OREO in a bowl : )
Still crushing the OREO cookies to make sure they are tiny!
Look how hardworking they are :’)
And while my 2 elder kids are working hard for the OREO popcorn to be a success,
Look who’s here to KPO.
Like  I mentioned, it can be a bit tiring stirring the White Chocolate to make it smooth and crushing the cookies non-stop;
I’m really proud of them for pushing through! : )
While they continue with it,
I went ahead to pop the Popcorn!
I do not have a microwave oven at home,
So I replaced that with heating it on a pan!
This’s the 1st time I popped popcorn at home and Kaylene was so amazed by it.
Both checking that their own ingredients are all good and ready to be mixed!
Kayson helping to mix the crushed OREO mixture and melted Cadbury White Chocolate together : )
I love it when they do everything in peace, no quarrelling, no fighting, but helping each other  : )

Oooooo…. It’s already looking so good without the popcorn!
As the chocolate was not melted in high temperature settings, it’s was kinda thick, making it more tough to mix with the crushed OREO cookies.
So Mummy came in and helped because mummy has more strength : )
Mixing the popcorn in…
I don’t know if you can see, the proportion of the popcorn is so much more than the OREO cookies + Cadbury White Chocolate.
Mummy came in to finish the last part of the OREO Popcorn for them : )

In the meantime,
Take some photos!

Kayliss wanna be part of it….
Tada tada :)
So happy and pleased with the result!
Even though this was the 1st time we made OREO popcorn, we had such a great time making it, and the kids are so cooperative in helping each other out…..
Look how happy they are tasting the OREO Popcorn they made : )
Really happy that I get to spend quality  time together with my kids,
Not doing homework on the table,
Not on the sofa watching tv,
Not watching ipad,
Not out at the mall,
But doing something so easy with an enjoyable hands-on activity …
To me, I think it’s really important to spend quality time with my kids;
Like taking a walk behind them while they cycle;
Going to the movies;
Bringing them out for an ice cream date as a dessert treat after a long week in school,
Basically, to have a part in whatever they are doing.
I initially dread the long sessions of baking and cleaning and didn’t think that it’s so easy to prepare and make OREO popcorn.
But since Kayson loves it and Kaylene also enjoyed herself,
this was all worth it  : )

Thanks OREO for giving me the opportunity to do so : )
 Speaking of OREO,
OREO celebrates its first-ever movie partnership with Paramount Pictures for the upcoming Michael Bay film “Transformers: Age of Extinction”.
Watch out for the new Transformer OREO multipacks!
They have the Transformer Robots on the packaging!

From 1 June 2014 to 31 July 2014,
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Good Luck : )

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