Saturday, 5 April 2014

Is your baby on the move...?

Kayliss has been such an active toddler ever since she turns 8-9 months old…..
When I say active, I mean she rolls over/crawls away so quickly, almost immediately after I put her down on the bed or on the floor. I can’t even change her diapers with her being so uncooperative sometimes. I end up having to sing, dance, and do all kinds of funny actions to get her attentions before I can put her diapers on!  

So I was very happy to hear that of Huggies New Ultra Pants that young babies from 6 months onwards could use! Normally, quite a lot of diaper brands only have pants for older babies so I was waiting till she got older to try that because it is just so much more convenient. But now, I guess there’s no need to wait anymore! : ) 

For all you mummies out there, if you have a baby at Kayliss’s age/coming up to that age, you will know that our babies are getting more and more active at this stage! And there is obviously no stopping mother nature, so this might be something that you’d want to explore the next time you go diaper shopping!

So this is the new Huggies Ultra Pants.
It is actually claimed to be the best in their line of pants and diapers!

The first great thing is It has gender specific colors! So Kayliss can now have pretty pink diapers to keep her happy and if you have a baby boy, there’s a blue design just for him. Other than gender specific colours, there are quite a number of things that make Huggies Ultra Pants stand out.

Firstly, they have Easy Open Sides. So this makes it easy for us mummies when trying to hold your baby in one hand and remove the diapers with the other. If you’re worried about it being ‘too easy’ to open, I found out something really interesting recently! There is actually a hook material in the strap which opens up easliy when pulled downwards across rather than across. This means it’s harder for the child to peel open, but easy for us mummies to adjust the fit.  : )

With the Soft-Stretch Sides, it allows the pants to be worn like underwear and it is specially designed to fit Asian baby contours. It provides comfort when baby is on the move! With the the slim and flexible design, the stretchy waistband and sides which will hug my active Kayliss snugly, allowing her to move freely.
 Be it crawling,
Or standing.

Kayliss is now learning to walk at 10 months old,and very hyper active!

Curious about everything around her…..


  It is even more difficult to have her diapers changed as she is less cooperative now.
Thus, having Kayliss wear Huggies Pants is so much easier compared to the regular open diapers!
As a Mum, I want to ensure that whatever my kids are using, are the best for what they need : )
Including the diapers! We mummies know how scary diaper rash is right? Thankfully, Huggies Pants has natural extracts like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile so I don’t have to worry about any bad reaction or skin irritation!
 Besides being easier to put on and containing natural extracts, Huggies Ultra Pants is also specially designed to prevent leakage. It is super absorbent. Huggies Ultra Pants new slim absorbent core technology has superior absorbency that will keep our babies butt butt dry : ) Especially with the humid weather in Singapore, this helps make it more breathable prevents rashes from appearing even if baby Kayliss wears it for 12 hours. 
So I put the Huggies Ultra Pants to the test that day to see if it really will prevent the leakage. 

Honestly, I did not know what to expect but I was so surprised after touching the surface after doing the test.
The water has been absorbed into the diaper. This is a major plus point to me because it just means this diaper is truly effective. I tried another brand previously (shall not name the brand) but it was really quite terrible. It gave me and my helper a lot more work instead of helping us. 
Ok, the last thing about these diapers which I think are really good is that there is a wetness indicator! It starts of as yellow (dry) and once wet, it turns blue. So we’ll know when it’s time to have our babies diapers changed !
(Dry Diaper)
(Soiled Diaper)
Overall, very happy with the new Huggies Ultra Pants! Will probably start getting that from now on. Baby Kayliss is all ready to move and it’s great that we have Huggies Pants to move up with.

If you or a mummy you know would be interested to try it,
Huggies is doing an Online Giveaway!!

It’s very easy to participate!
All you have to do is…
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Here’s a sizing chart for you to gauge the sizing correctly:

Thank you Huggies for giving my child the comfort and flexibility to move - which encourages her to go further and experience more at an earlier age.
For more info, check out!

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