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Hina-Matsuri @ Liang Court

which is also Doll’s day or Girls’ Day,
is a special day in Japan for mothers and daughters.
Liang Court brought this celebration to Singapore from 14 Feb – 3 Mar with fun filled bonding activities and performances.  
Visitors were able to see the authentic dolls up close,
try out Hinamatsuri cuisine and “Kaiwase” a traditional game played in Japan.
Hinamatsuri is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March.
The festival prays for a daughter’s growth, health and happiness;
my daughters Kaylene and Kayliss (even Kayson) mean a lot to me so this is a meaningful festival for me to show my blessings as their mother.  

During Hina-Matsuri, families display something called “hina-ningyo.”  

Dolls on platforms are displayed in the house together with beautiful peach blossoms!  
Liang Court brought in authentic dolls from Japan so you can have a look
The cuter version of display of the hina-ningyo.
Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls of 7 platforms,
representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

The dolls are not the kind of dolls children plays with and most of the year they are packed away safely. In traditional families, the dolls are very old and have been passed down generations. When a daughter marries, she takes the dolls with her to her new home so she can use the same dolls when she has daughters.
Families start displaying dolls in February and take them down immediately after the festival because rumour has it that leaving the dolls past the 4th of March will result in a late marriage for the daughter and nobody wants that to happen!
Girls will be dressed in colourful cottony light Yukata when visiting and they are as picturesque as the Spring foliage.

I love dressing up with my girls especially when the occasion calls for it.
(Kaylene in Yukata for the ALL GIRLS PARTY the following day)
This Hina-matsuri,
I decided to join the Mother Daughter Lookalike Contest held at Liang Court on 1 March 2014, Saturday with Kaylene J

Upon reaching the Atrium, there were performances to entertain all the early comers.
It was a soothing way to calm our wrecked nerves before the contest too. J

I’m glad Kaylene was willing to participate in this contest even though she has stage fright. Applause for my brave girl please J 

While waiting to go on stage, time for some mother daughter pictures for reminiscing when she’s older.

All the contestants were decked out in their best matching outfits, ready to grace the stage.
We were the 8th Mother daughter pair to do a question & answer session, the host asked about our outfits for the day!
We both wore a matching black maxi dress with gold sequins on our collars.
The host was surprised when I told her that I initially bought the black dress for Kaylene when she first chanced upon it and after seeing her wear it and receive compliments,
I went to get the exact same one! :x

We were the only pair in black while others were decked in flamboyant outfits thus the host asked Kaylene why we chose black.
It stumbled Kaylene for a bit but she made it up with her confident straddle down the catwalk.
During the catwalk, I was really nervous but pretended to be confident for Kaylene.
Neither Kaylene or I have any experience, thus we both took really slow steps straddling down the walkway and finished it off with our best smiles.

I’m glad we took part in this competition because it strengthen our bond as we spurred on one another on stage.  
I am definitely going to encourage Kaylene take part in more of these contests to overcome her stage fright if she’s willing to J

While waiting for the results, we headed straight to the instant photo booth for some girly fun!
The lovely ladies at the booth helped us don on these gorgeous Yukata to look our best for the shoot.
I really like how soft the material is and how pretty the prints are, so much that I asked the staff if I can purchase them.
AND we are all ready to get the photos taken!

Our photos  were compiled into a book for keepsake.
Flip through the pages fast and it looks like the person is moving. Really cool!!

About after half an hour, the result was announced.
Age Category: 7 to 12 yrs Old 

Most Creative Pair –
Mummy: Tan Chooi Heong
Daughter: Andrena Phoon
[The pair in the middle with cat ears]

Most Effort Costume Pair –
Mummy: P.Jyotrimayi
Daughter: P.Sudeepti
[The pair on the left in the above picture with the traditional Sari]

Most Talented Pair –
Mummy: Yvonne Chow
Daughter: Simorrah Nadya Seow
[The pair on the right in the above picture with big red fans!]

All the winners deserved their awards as you can tell that they put in a lot of effort to dress up and choreograph their performances!

There was also a flea going on at the Atrium.
Kaylene got these to sew, she loves DIY and crafts!
All the prints are so cute!
Though we didn’t win at the end of the day, Kaylene enjoyed herself so much that she didn’t want to leave.
I promised her we’ll be back at Liang court the next day as we’ll be going to the ALL GIRLS PARTY!! 

Dressed Kaylene up in this pretty and flowy Yukata my mum bought for her to fuel her excitement at the All Girls’ Party!
There were many booths at the party for people to participate and food for all to enjoy.
Kaylene was so excited when it was finally her turn to for balloon sculpting.
Look at her ecstatic smile with her ‘flowers’.

Kaylene getting her hands on the making of the desserts.

Japanese pay so much attention to details, the décor at the dessert bar was beautiful!
Even the girl figurines from the cake at the dessert bar looked too cute to be eaten :p
There were also performances by Merri and Yuki from Okinawa who serenaded us with catchy Japanese tunes.

The girls were so enthralled by the music that they joined the performers on-stage. These cute little girls were definitely a crowd drawer.      
When the time came to leave, we had to squeeze in some last minute photos to remember this party by.

Thank you LIANG COURT for giving me and my kids the opportunity to know more about HINA-MATSURI and it got me really interested to know more about Japanese culture after attending the events!

For people who wanna know more info,
or their Facebook page for post event pictures.
#hinamatsuri #Liangcourt


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