Thursday, 6 March 2014

All About.... MY HAIR :)

3 months after entering the year 2014,
It's time for me to have my hair done!
I very clearly know what I wanted.
Have a hair colour which is subtle and yet will brighten up my complexion,
chop off a few inches so my head feels lighter,
and also have a hairstyle which is very easy to mange.
For a lazy person like me!


Told my hairstylist, VIN what I wanted so he gets the draft.
Here's him, doing Magic to my hair :)
 Getting my hair dyed first....
Need to wait for awhile for the dye to get "eaten" into my hair.....
While waiting, he feed me with info about the Avede hair dye.
Which has a blend of protective plant oils,
giving my hair more shine and yet, has very less damaging on my hair!
Also, before applying the hair dye to my scalp just 10 mins before I have to get the dye washed off,
he warned me that the hair dye is very cold.
And yes it is....
Very cold and cooling :)

Nice Honey Lemon :)

After around 30mins of getting my hair dyed!
I get to have a hair wash!!
I don't know if it's just me,
but I really like the HAIR WASH part.
Getting my hair washed with Luke warm water, and getting the scalp massage,

Here again, my egg shape face :p

Now after the hair dye, hair washed,
it's time to get the hair CUT!

Trusting my hairstylist :)

Before blow drying my hair, he applied the new dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil on my hair.
which is 99.9% naturally derived,* with the hydrating power of buriti oil
-instantly moisturizes hair
-leaves hair soft and full of shine
-formulated without silicone, so it takes only a few drops to moisturize hair
With my long hair, he only used 1-2 drops and it's more than enough..
He also applied another hair cream on my hair which I totally cannot remember now =/

I really love how attentive VIN is.
Explaining every details while doing my hair....

Even though I have yet to see the final product of my hair,
I know I'm going to love it just by looking at the photos :)

After close to 3 hours at the AIR SALON.
My hair is finally done!
(need to quickly take a photo with VIN in case I forget. )
And that's Kayliss checking VIN out :p

Thank you VIN :)
And thanks AIR SALON for having me :)
I really have a wonderful experience there and I love my hair so much!
Do check out their links :)
IG: @airsalonsg

I really should have take a photo of just myself and my beautiful hair before leaving the salon but Kayliss has been a really sticky pie!!
I have to carry her right after I am done with my hair......
So just scroll down and you will see more(ALOT) of me, and my hair.. heehee :)

 My beautiful hair :) so happy!!

 I change my hair partings around all the time!!

 And my hair still look pretty.

 Under natural lighting.
My hair look so smoothhhhhhhhh..... and it is really smooth to touch!!!

 Left parting...
 Right parting....
See how I change my hair partings and my hair is still so pretty anot :)

Had a really long day and even when the curls are done, my hair is still pretty la!

Kayliss hand disturbing me as I'm breastfeeding :p

I cannot stop taking photos! hahaa.....

Just love my new hair colour so much!!

Ending the night being happy knowing that I have a good hair cut, pretty hair colour.
Which to me,
Good hair makes a Good Day :)

So if you're thinking of getting your hair done,
give AIR SALON a try!
I'm sure you will leave the salon happy and satisfied, just like me!

Once again,
Thanks AIR SALON !!!

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