Friday, 28 February 2014

Kayliss at Baby Spa :)


My baby peanut... :)

 Fat baby Fat tummy!!!

Look at her dimples :p

 While waiting to go out....

 Bringing Kayliss out to Baby Spa to get her hair shaved.

 Kaylene with her new toy......
 Just like mummy, she has to get something when we are out =/
Even when it's just a piece of stickers......

Kayliss... must hold mummy's hand when we are out :)

 My boy :)

I know I didn't make the wrong decision to have him learn piano seeing how good he is at playing it now.....

Here we are,
At the BabySpa!
Tel: 6238 6003
Getting Kayliss hair shaved at 4 months 2 weeks old.....



  The nice and friendly staff playing with Kayliss to warm her up :)

Kayliss starting her swim!!

 Happy Happy!


 OMG so cute lor!!!

Videos of Kayliss swimming :)

Done with Swimming :)
Her head is so shiny... haha!

 Finally ending my night at TCC.....
Yummy late late dinner :)

*** adding photos of Kaylene at HWA XIA(now BABYSPA) at 4 months old....
We went to the branch at Punggol(think it has closed down already).....
Got her hair shaved(no photos and videos sadly......
But there's photos of her swimming :)

Kaylene is swimming so happily that many passer-by stop and looked....
and that's my skinny boy, Kayson.....

Back home after the swim...

This is my chubby Kaylene.. heehee!!!
Too bad there isn't any of these Baby Spa thingy during Kayson's time.
If not it'll be fun to be able to compare the photos :)

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