Saturday, 22 February 2014

Eyelash extensions.... @ Angel Xin Beauty

Have been contemplating to do eyelash extensions done as U know la(u might not know) how busy it is to be a mum of 3, esp to a 9 months old toddler!
Once I'm awake, it means busy busy busy until my kids are in bed.
And because I am also ferrying my kids to sch and enrichment lessons,
plus being a breastfeeding mum....
To me, 24 hours is NOT ENOUGH!!!

I used to get mine done at VAIN BEAUTY(FEP), for about one year.
Without stopping.
Means once I got it removed, I immediately did a new set.
And my eyelids got so irritated that it got red and sensitive.
So I got it removed and stopped ever since.
Coming 2 years, I've been using fake lashes.

Putting on Fake lashes takes abit 5-10mins of my make up routine.
Plus hor, who wake up at 6am to put on fake lashes just to send kids to school.

Top: Tracyeinny Reese Embroided Flare Top
Shorts: H&M
Flats: Zalora SG
Baby: MINE.

 Decided to get my eyelash extensions done at

People's Park Centre#02-11, 101 Upper Cross Street, S(058357)
Tel : 6534 3886
My appointment is at 730pm but I reached at 720pm
so I got to wait.
Which is ok since I am early.

While getting my extensions done.
I asked if it's ok to have photos taken ...
& Kaylene took the photos for me.. haha!

Look pretty good right??
I even showed her photos of how I want my lashes to be like, and how extended I wanted it to be.
Clear with what I wanted.
But I got a shock and totally disappointed when I opened my eyes....
My eyelashes look so HIGH UP and DRAMATIC, with the inner white rim of my eyes showing!
The beautician who did my extensions for me told me it's NORMAL(WTF) to have the inner white rim of my eyes showing as she can't have the glue so near to it.
So I asked if I can get the extensions removed.
She said NO.
I asked why and she said because it's extended on my eyelashes.
later on, she said if she removed it for me now, it's gonna hurt.
I hated it and I wanted it off my eyes la.
In the end, she got another beautician(the one who did the eyelash extensions for my sis and did a great job) came to the rescue.
She loosen up the glue on my eyelash extensions and curl the lashes lower...
for many times...
then it look much better!!
But still not to my expectation....

Convincing myself that it's still ok...

My overall review is.
not worth the SGD$50, unless it's the beautician in long hair(sorry I didn't get her name as I was rushing off),
the one who fixed my extensions and the one who did the eyelash extensions for my sis...

I can only tell myself.
Luckily it's just a bad eyelash extensions, not a bad plastic surgery gone wrong :P
Good night!

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