Thursday, 23 January 2014

Firm & Tone… With OSIM uShape!

With CNY approaching really soon,
It means more eating and mostly snacking all the yummy CNY goodies which most, contain high calories!
Which we know those leads to fats accumulation and weight gain >.<
& I must share the chart of the festival goodies with their serving size & calories with all you people, especially the Ladies!

Festive Goodies
Serving Size
Time on uShape
Yu Sheng
398g (one serving)
561 kcal
42 mins
Fried Nian Gao
40g (2 slices)
380 kcal
28 mins
Bak Kwa
57g (1 slice)
229 kcal
17 mins
Pineapple Tarts
40g (2 pieces)
164 kcal
13 mins
White Rabbit Sweets
8 sweets
160 kcal
12 mins
Love Letters
26g (2 pieces)
112 kcal
9 mins
Kueh Bangkit
12g (2 pieces)
46 kcal
4 mins

Isn’t it scary to know how high the calories of these yummy goodies are?
But fear not!!
OSIM has launched a new product which is a full-body vibration exerciser that helps to burn off calories without exhaustive effort (136 calories burnt in just 10mins!),
OSIM uShape Body Shaper!!!
(so happy when I received it!)

The slender and portable exerciser is designed to achieve a full body workout with little time and effort, making it the perfect tool for trimming fats accumulated from the festive binge.

Here’s my son fixing up the metal bars for the Resistance Cord, for me :)
Kayson trying the OSIM uShape out first :)

My turn now!
To start,
I just click the Auto button.
(You can customise the workout options later as you progress with the 10 speeds selections.)

To me,
The main purpose of using this is to firm and tone my muscles.
Especially after having 3 kids, and the lack of exercise due to the time constraints,
I barely have time to sleep,
Let alone exercise…
I need to firm and tone up those muscles of mine!
And for people who dislike high impact exercises like running or jogging,  
losing the excess weight is simplified with the OSIM uShape, easy and effortlessly,
No need to lift weights!
Burning calories with minimum effort and the convenience of doing it at home, is such a bonus! 
And I can always use it right after I come home from a busy day out.
The strong whole-body vibration motion of the uShape causes rapid muscle contractions,
making the muscles work continuously as the body strives to keep its balance.
These contractions help to strengthen muscles,
increase metabolism to burn more calories and break down fat more effectively,
resulting in a more defined body shape.
Which is what I need!
As your metabolism increases, you will burn fat faster, even when you are not working out!
Perfect for me J
& most importantly,
It’s really safe to use!
When my kids are always with me, especially Kayliss.
I can carry her while I use my uShape :)
Both Kayliss and I are having so much fun!

Even Kaylene joined in :)

The OSIM uShape is ideal for a home workout, in the following ways:
             a full body workout,
             stretch, spot and strength training 
Stretch Training
Stretch training on the uShape boosts muscle flexibility, range of motion and improves circulation. Frequent stretching helps to keep your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture.
Spot Training
By adopting various exercise postures that target specific muscle groups, you can now effectively tone and shape 'troubled' flabby spots like arms, tummy, butt and thighs the quick and easy way on the OSIM uShape.
Strength Training
Strength training not only builds lean muscles which burn calories more efficiently when working out, but also increases metabolism which helps to burn fat faster, even while you are at rest.
Full-body Workout - Shaping up is as easy as 1-2-3!
Choose from a total of 9 convenient full-body workouts (3 auto programmes x 3 standing positions) and 10 levels of oscillation intensities according to your needs.
The 3 auto programmes are specially designed to tone and shape your body in progressive levels i.e. beginners, intermediate, advanced.
Simply shift your feet and increase the intensity of each auto programme by adopting the 3 different standing positions to improve circulation, firm and strengthen your body.

Comprehensive Range of Benefits
             Simple, fast and effective shaping and toning of the whole body
             Increase metabolism to accelerate the break down of fats
             Low-impact all-in-one workout
             Strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility
             Reduce appearance of cellulite
             Improve circulation
             Relieve stress, improve mood and soothe muscle tension
             Effective indoor exerciser in the convenience and comfort of your home 
I have also attended the event organised by the dearest Gushcloud and OSIM,
With some fellow bloggers.
Which let me had a better idea of how the OSIM uShape works the benefits of it.

Joanne from OSIM guiding us and feeding us with info throughout the talk…
The yummy and yet scary high calories CNY goodies….

But we can also have yummy yet low calories food thanks to Xndo :)
People from OSIM demonstrating the workouts you can do using the OSIM uShape!
With the spontaneous bloggers joining in the fun J

And after all the exercising,
We get to taste the yummy and yet low calories food by Xndo.

One of my favourite indulgement, COFFEE!

And I am super happy to know I don’t have to give up drinking it because of the low calories J

Another one of the food that I need to eat daily!

Xndo Director Operations, Ms Karen
Showing us the “ready-to-eat” ingredients in the meal box.

I am very surprise by how yummy and tasty the food are, and the calories are controlled with at least 50% less calories of its similar traditional meals
It’s super convenient too,
We just need to heat it up in the microwave oven and it’ll be ready for consumption!
I also enquired Karen whether it’s ok to consume the Xndo meal products as I’m still breastfeeding and I am delighted to know it’s safe to do so.

After attending the OSIM event and knowing all the benefits of keeping fit and toned,
I know I’m doing the right choice to have a OSIM uShape at home!

The OSIM uShape retails at a special introductory price of $699 (usual price $1,288).
It is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at

Get Fit with uShape!
Xndo - To complement the calories busting regime, OSIM is giving away a Xndo Half Calories Meal - Black Pepper Fish and Milk Tea, worth $21.90 with every purchase of uShape. Valid till 31 March 2014 or while stocks last.

OSIM Workout Video – Check out OSIM’s latest uShape workout video and see how easy it is to get into shape!

For more info,

Hope you all have a wonderful HAPPY CNY!

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