Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bonding Starts With... OREO!

A busy mum to my 3 kids,
Having to take care of a 7 months old toddler,
And ferrying my 2 elder kids around for classes,
I treasure every bonding moment I have with them!

While waiting for either one of my kids to finish their lesson,

we like to snack and chit-chat in the car!
As a mum who is always on the go,
I usually prepare light snacks for my kids to munch in the car or whenever we are out.
My son, who is very home caring and always goes grocery shopping for yummy snacks and food,
Introduced me to this:
OREO Chocolate Wafer!
Which you can purchase in  87g (16pcs) for $1.60* and 232g (16pcs) for $3.70*
At  all major super/hypermarkets and convenience stores island-wide,
(*price may vary depending on retailers)
We were shopping at Cold Storage that day and they had a pop-up stand giving out samples.
My son said it was nice and insisted I try it cause his friend had brought some to school.
True enough,
it was really nice!
That’s why I was so glad to receive all this OREO!=)
I'm sure many of you have heard of OREO biscuits since we were young.
But now OREO has wafer biscuits!!
OREO Chocolate Wafer is a light snack that features a creamy center sandwiched in-between two crispy wafer layers.
It comes in two different flavours;
Vanilla & Chocolate and Strawberry & Chocolate.
Each wafer features double crème in chocolate and vanilla or chocolate and strawberry combinations!
And if you are worried of the wafers getting soft, they are individually packed!
And because it is so crunchy and yummy,
my kids LOVE it!!!

So thank you OREO!!
Thank you for making our bonding moments more enjoyable.


Bonding moments start with OREO,
to encourage your bonding moment with your loved ones,
I am giving away 5 sets of OREO Hampers to my readers! =)
(The hamper will include the items as seen in my picture above.)
To participlate,
All you have to do is
1.       “Like” the OREO Facebook page (Click HERE to go straight to it!)
 2.       Click Share
 3.       Tag me (Maggie Quek) and tell me that you’ve liked and shared so that I can verify it.

It’s that simple =)
The Giveaway will end in 30th Dec 2013.
Good Luck =)

For more Information,
Check out OREO’s Facebook Page HERE.

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