Tuesday, 10 December 2013

26.11.2013 Mickey's Magic Show !

It's the Day that we are going to watch
MICKEY's Magic Show =)
All of us are so excited.....

Kaylene is wearing the hairband her daddy got her from Hong Kong many years back.
Before leaving for MBS =)

Before leaving the house,
I have made it clear that we will not be purchasing any mechanize there as
1) it's not a must to always buy things when we are out
2) it's a hassle to carry bags around when bringing kids out alone is very troublesome
3) don't need to waste money la
4) only FOOD can be purchased
Agree on this agreement with my kids before we leave the house,
thus no need to fuss and argue when we are out.

See see look look before going into the theatre

Before the show started.
Told my helper to help me with photo taking and she accidentally zoom in ... haha!

Kayliss look so so cute in this photo!!!!
Last photo before we off the camera and silent the phone just before the show start.
And as usual,
baby/toddler can never sit through the 60mins show.
So it's important to check if there's any space and area for my helper and baby to go to when Kayliss fuss.
And luckily I checked online at the MBS site.
They have this Quiet Room for babies to go to and still be able to watch the show for the adults.
Very cool =)

So before the show starts,
I need to direct my helper where to go when the baby starts to fuss.
It's very important as I can enjoy the show and be with my 2 elder kids and my helper know where to go.
During the interval.

The only thing I need to COMPLAIN is,
MBS need to educate their staffs to be more POLITE when in contact with the customers/ the audience.
When my camera needed to be left at the counter,
I asked if there is any other safety measure as I was only given a handwritten piece of card and I cant see what will be done to my camera to make sure it is protected.
Also wanting to make sure that I as the owner will be able to get it back aft the show is done.
I am just doing my part to ASK.
But this particular staff who is in her late 30s I assume,
Told me in a very rude tone that my camera will be FINE in their counters.
I left to watch the show and went back to check on my camera during the interval and the same staff,
was so rude.
Instead of replying politely,
she said
"We have much more EXPENSIVE cameras here!"
I couldn't control my anger and told her that I am just checking on my camera as a owner!
And My camera is EX too.
She didn't even apologise.
I wanted to do a complain about her after the show ended but I couldn't see her anywhere.
And also,
When I was going to take a look at the Quiet Room after informing a staff,
another staff taught I was trying to do something to the door or something,
didn't even check what's going on and was so rude to me and my helper.
They seriously need to educate their staffs as they are in the service line.

Other than that,
We seriously enjoyed the Disney Mickey's Magic Show and very happy to be given the opportunity to experience this performance.

Stayed awhile more before leaving to PS for their music class.


Kayson wanted to eat this at the foodcourt.

 Kaylene loves to read =)
her newly bought storybook.

 I don't like my kids to step into Arcades but Kayson persuaded me to as he wanted to catch a teddy for his sister.

He didn't manage to.
I always feel it's a Scam =/
How can it be so easily caught when you only need to spend small amount of money for a Expensive teddy/toy.
BUT Kayson managed to catch one the last time using only $2.
Lucky lor!

Take photo =)
Kayliss is grouchy....
 Very grouchy! haha
 Ok... calm down already =)
Also the 1st time I allowed Kayson to play cos he is very interested in Car related games.
Only rule is he can only play when I am around.

In Kaylene's music class.
I am still sitting in with her for an hour every lesson.

 Dancing Minnie Mouse.
Love u my son! =)
 Tried out my new camera!

With Flash
 And without flash.
Loving my new camera =)

need to be back with my kids liao.
*Next post will be about Kayson's 10th Birthday Celebation.*


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