Thursday, 28 November 2013

SingTel mioTv Ch 510

Watching Hong Kong dramas and entertainment news have always been my only leisure after my kids go to bed.
And I love to watch it in the Cantonese version, as I grow up in a Cantonese speaking environment!
I remember watching the Hong Kong dramas along with my parents via VCDS which they have to rent from the Drama Rental shop just so to be able to watch the shows in Cantonese..
It was such a hassle as we got to make sure we finish within a short period of time and return the Vcds before the due date.
After I got married and not living with my parents anymore,
I don’t get to watch the shows with them anymore and I’m unable to watch it on the local Television channels provided =(
BUT when I know that SingTel mioTV is launching cHK Ch 510!,
I am super thrilled!
It’s a channel that is playing purely Hong Kong latest entertainment, blockbusters, drama and lifestyle programs.
From only $14.95*/month (12 months contract) Jingxuan + Pack,
I can have my daily dose of Hong Kong latest entertainment and drama (MY FAVOURITE)
I can’t wait to get my parents informed so they can watch the Hong Kong shows too,
without the hassle of having to rent and then returned within a tight time frame.
They can now watch the shows at home, at their own time and pace =)

Speaking of Hong Kong,

It’s one of the countries that I want to visit.
Who doesn’t love Hong Kong when it’s a shopping paradise, especially for us Ladies!
Not to mention the yummy dimsum and delicious delicacies…
Drooling with just the thought of it =p
Can’t wait to visit it one day with my 3 kids!

You can win a trip of 4D3N for 2 to Hong Kong by joining the SingTel mioTv’s Instsgram contest!
And all you have to do is
1. Take a photo of the Pins which can be found in 10 locations around Singapore,
                  (Here is what the pin looks like)
                    And post the photo up in your Instagram.

        2.  Hashtag your photo with the location of the Pin.
Eg: #cHKbugis ,
And remember to have your email account stated along with the post.
The more Pins you snap and post, the higher the changes of you winning.

It’s that simple!
For more details, you can click on this link >
Contest will end on 15 Dec 2013.

Good luck =)

Monday, 11 November 2013

How I draw my eyebrows tutorial.

To start,
I am using this eyebrow pencil from Spring heart(I get it from Watsons for prob $7.90 or $9.90, either, it's freaking cheap).
I think it's only available in 2 shades.
I got both the shades to try and the lighter brown is more orangey.
This shade in Dark Brown suits me better.

I frequently get asked by people how I draw my eyebrows and I seriously don't know how to guide people to draw the eyebrows I have on my face.
Because I also Trial and Error before I get the eyebrow shape which suit my oval long face.
I have not been to any professional to get my eyebrows trim before as mine are really faint and almost non-existence
So I don't see the purpose.
But It's always better to go to a professional to get your eyebrows shaped first so there'll be a base for you to draw and fill in your brows there-after.

You can click on the video to watch how I draw my eyebrows.

And I apologise for the poor lighting and quality of the video as I have to do it quietly, when everyone in the room is asleep.
I am no expert when it comes to doing make up but I love to play with cosmetics.
You never know what is suitable for you, your skin tone, your face shape, your eyes, your lips until you play around with the cosmetics.