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As a mum,
being able to witness their every moments:
like flipping at 4 months old,
teething at 5 months old,
crawling at 6 months old,
bubbling at 7 months old,
learning to walk since 9 months old,
dancing along to the music by shaking their body at 10 months old,
walking at 12 months old,
being able to clearly said words like MAMA, PAPA (2 most important people in their lives) at 13 months old,
being able to flip through a book, looking at photos, pointing out at the pictures at 14 months old
and the list goes on…..
witnessing them grow in every aspect,
is definitely happy moments in my life.

I believe every child is different and smart in their own way.

I expose my kids to music at a young age as I believed it’s definitely one of the factors to the development and functional efficiency for their brains.
As they grow older,
I decided to have them learn Music Organ and Piano.

Because they love music and playing the piano,
They can play well and even play without looking at the scores aft a few practices.
Kaylene is also now the piano teacher for my mother in law!

She writes her grandma some scores and then guide her along as she plays!
I am certainly very proud of her.
Sport is essential as it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children.
Swimming is definitely one of them.
                                                                       Every Sunday,
My kids can’t wait to attend their swimming lesson.
They can now swim in the adult pool for a few rounds without the help of a swimming float!
Another sport they do daily is Cycling & Skating.
When my husband first bought Kayson his 1st 2 wheel bicycle,
I was still doubting if it’s too early for him to learn as he rarely or prob only rode on a 4 wheel bicycle for a few times.
Because like every mum, we worried for the safety for our children.
What amazed me was…
He actually is able to ride on his own on his new bicycle at his 3rd try!
He even cycled around me to show me how well he can cycle =)
 Kaylene is also taking up Ballet.
At Age 4,
She came to me telling me she wants to learn Ballet,
Telling me she wants to be a Ballerina.
And she was really persistent about it as every week for about 6 months , she’ll remind me that she wants to learn to dance.
And I was really surprised by her as that was the 1st time she ever requested for anything, and for a good few months.
I do not deny my child any chances whenever they raised up to me what they want
I believe that giving them the options to go for what they asked for will give them a clearer picture of what they really loves and can do their best.
I just want to make sure she knows what she want and I enrolled her.
I can still remember the 1st time she attended the ballet class.
She was smiling throughout the lesson!
Since young,
Kayson has always shown an interest when it comes to culinary!
From making an sandwich, frying an egg, cooking a plate of noodles, frying a plate of fried rice, to cooking soup
Blending fruit juice and smoothie,
He really surprises me when he can do the mentions above,
(with adult supervision  of course!)
And this is him waking up at 5am on Teachers Day,
To cook for his teachers!
  And he cooks for me occasionally too. 
Be it in Music, Sports Or Culinary,
I’m proud of their little achievements along the journey of growing up!!

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