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14.05.2013 Lactating Consultation

Letting Kayliss try on the pram... her baby pram!

 Kiss from Kayson before he leaves for sch =)
 Needed... daily!!

 chubby pie =)

 Cupcakes romper.. too cute to not buy :P

Got myself n baby prepared as I have booked an appointment with the lactating consultant at KKH.
Before I went to deliver baby,
I attended the breastfeeding talk scheduled by my gyane & was told that if I encounter any problem with breastfeeding, I can always call them.
( didn't have any of that talk when I was pregnant with my 2 elder kids, at least not that I m aware of! )

I was having really bad engorgement for a few days,
 which hurts badly..
I even have lumps under my armpit!
n yet when I pump for 20-30mins each session,
its only this much.

almost same amount for every pump.
I know that when I have pump out all the milk, I should not feel like my breasts are still hard but it still was....
So I used hot compress....
I know its not right n I really wanna be able to breastfeed successfully my baby this time.
so I made an appointment n head down to KKH.....

the lactation nurse guide me along...
told me when I m having bad engorgement,
I m suppose to use COLD COMPRESS!
cos I m having clog milk ducts, I must mk sure it doesn't get more, if not I will get an infection.
as for the lumps under my armpits, they are clog milk ducts too.
just use cold compress n it will be gone.
N since I m having clog milk ducts,
I must make sure I massage for all the milk ducts to be open for the milk to flow.
Milk pump will not be able to do the job.
& so she proceed to massage for me....
I swear....
It was so freaking painful that I nearly cry.
& give a punch on her face... nearly.
imagine sharp pain....... on ur breasts.
& it was both. one at a time.
so double the pain!!!
but aft the milk started to flow,
my breastfeeding session with my baby really gets so much better and easier.
The nurse also guide me along with the posture & some other stuffs about breastfeeding, which I find it very beneficial.
& I m so glad I went to get help instead of giving up =)

When it comes to breastfeeding,
only one word.
esp when I have 2 elder kids to tk cr of.

4 months breastfeeding.... & still going to continue...

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