Monday, 14 August 2017

JJB x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F bag.

I have always been a big fan of Sanrio !
My Melody, Badtzmaru, and Hello Kitty especially, are my favorite characters!!
Even though I'm growing older, I'm still young at heart ok.

Can't contain my excitement when I know that JUJUBE is collaborating with SANRIO, 
For the past one year, I have been poisoned by this JUJUBE craze
I love how wearable the diaper bags from JUJUBE are, with the colorful prints. and washable materials.
Waterproof too!!
I have never ever imagine that I'll be so into them, until I started with one.
And the fact that Kaylene and I can share the bags because she loves them too,
I don't feel guilty with all that spending!

The JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F bag is so pretty IRL,
much prettier than I've expected!

 I love how vibrant the colors of the Sanrio characters is over the grey base.

The interior of the bag is of a gorgeous blue shade!

And the cutest of it all, 
The ribbon hardware!!!!

JUJUBE B.F.F diaper bag is my favorite style!
Other than Hobobe, Be Sporty, Be Quick....
Even though there's a weight to it before anything is being packed into it, 
I still love it because of its structure.

 JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends will be launching on
15 Aug 2017 at 3pm
THANK YOU BINKY BOPPY for this gorgeous JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F diaper bag!!!!