Sunday, 10 December 2017

PORORO PARK with her best friend :)

I rarely bring Kayliss to kids playground to play because of how active she is!
Even when I do, I try to bring her to those with lesser crowd.
Now that she's older and able to listen to instructions better,
it's easier for me to control her.
I also feel more confident to handle her when we are out...
YEAH to bringing her out on my own more often


 Kayliss was very excited when she knew we'll be going PORORO PARK!!
The last time we walked past after my parents birthday dinner,
Kayliss wanted to go in to play but it was already closed.
I don't know if it was because she was tired, or because she was unwell,
she started to whine and cry!!
Which was very rare.....
So I promised to bring her back.
And with her best friend's company, she was beyond happy!!

We made sure to bring the kids to have their meal first.
 Kayliss finished her bowl of noodle on her own!!
The wonder of having her best friend with her.. haha.
Must show each other that they are good kids...


Kayliss must be thinking that mummy very irritating,
kept wanting to take photos of her when all she wanted to do is PLAY.
Daues is such a good boy to pose for me, when I'm sure he thinks the same as Kayliss.

I kept following Kayliss as I was kinda worried if she will be ok.
The previous 2 times I bought her to play at different indoor playgrounds, Eni and I took turns to follow Kayliss.
I will not deny that I'm a mom who is over protective of my kids. 
I want to make sure they are within my sight.

My gf said I'm such a mommarazzi
which I wont deny too!

 Kayliss enjoyed herself so much at PORORO Park that she didn't want to leave!!

We had such a fun day out!!!